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  1. Guest Editors’ Introduction: What Does Nietzsche Mean for Contemporary Politics and Political Thought?
  2. Abbreviations and Citations of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Works
  3. Nietzsche and the Political (review)
  4. The Peacock and the Buffalo: The Poetry of Friedrich Nietzsche (review)
  5. On the Seventh Solitude: Endless Becoming and Eternal Return in the Poetry of Friedrich Nietzsche (review)
  6. Speculating on the Moment: The Poetics of Time and Recurrence in Goethe, Leopardi, and Nietzsche (review)
  7. Nietzsche and the Philosophy of Pessimism: A Study of Nietzsche’s Relation to the Pessimistic Tradition: Schopenhauer, Hartmann, Leopardi (review)
  8. Significations de la Mort de Dieu chez Nietzsche d’Humain, trop humain à Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra (review)
  9. Nietzsche on Language, Consciousness, and the Body (review)
  10. The Legend of Nietzsche’s Syphilis (review)
  11. Nietzscheforschung: Jahrbuch der Nietzsche-Gesellschaft, vol. 13: Zwischen Musik, Philosophie und Ressentiment (review)
  12. Nietzsche-Zeitgenossenlexikon: Verwandte und Vorfahren, Freunde und Feinde, Verehrer und Kritiker von Friedrich Nietzsche (review)
  13. Nietzsche-Wörterbuch, vol. 1: Abbreviatur–einfach (review)
  14. Nietzsche’s Philosophical Context: an Intellectual Biography (review)
  15. Nietzsche and the Greeks (review)
  16. Nietzsche’s Political Skepticism (review)
  17. Nietzsche and Science (review)
  18. Nietzsche, Biology, and Metaphor (review)
  19. How to Read Nietzsche (review)
  20. Living with Nietzsche: What the Great “Immoralist” Has to Teach Us (review)
  21. Nietzsche and Ethics (review)
  22. Nietzsche and Morality (review)
  23. Nietzsche’s Genealogy Revisited
  24. Beyond Selflessness in Ethics and Inquiry
  25. How Does the Ascetic Ideal Function in Nietzsche’s Genealogy?
  26. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  27. Letter from the Assistant Editor
  28. The Innocence of Victimhood Versus the “Innocence of Becoming”: Nietzsche, 9/11, and the “Falling Man”
  29. Nietzsche and the Political: Tyranny, Tragedy, Cultural Revolution, and Democracy
  30. Nietzsche and the Neoconservatives: Fukuyama’s Reply to the Last Man
  31. Beyond Peoples and Fatherlands: Nietzsche’s Geophilosophy and the Direction of the Earth
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