restricted access   Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 1996

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From: Israel Studies

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The Holocaust on Trial: The Impact of the Kasztner and Eichmann Trials on Israeli Society

pp. 1-26

The Treatment of Hostile Civilian Populations: The Contemporary Halakhic Discussion in Israel

pp. 27-45

Mount Herzl: The Creation of Israel's National Cemetery

pp. 46-74

Economic Assimilation in the United States of Arab and Jewish Immigrants from Israel and the Territories

pp. 75-97

Security Issues in the Decade after Independence Essays and Documents

The Evolution of the Army's Role in Israeli Strategic Planning: A Documentary Record

pp. 98-121

The Protocol of Sevres: British/French/Israeli Collusion against Egypt, 1956

pp. 122-139

The Shift in Ben-Gurion's Attitude toward the Kingdom of Jordan

pp. 140-169

Zionist Dialectics

Time for Theory: Critical Notes on Lissak and Sternhell

pp. 170-188

Israeli Society: A Counterview

pp. 189-213

Settlement in Eretz Israel -- A Colonialist Enterprise? "Critical" Scholarship and Historical Geography

pp. 214-229

The Radical Social Scientists and Israeli Militarism

pp. 230-266

Review Essays

Conflicts and Covenants in the Middle East: A Review of the Contemporary Literature on Regional Water Problems

pp. 267-277

The Likud in Power: The Historiography of Revisionist Zionism

pp. 278-293

A Bittersweet Land: Israel in Comparative Perspective

pp. 294-303

A Response to Gorny and Sharkansky

pp. 304-314


pp. 315-317