restricted access   Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents


Divergent Students, Disruptive Students: Gender Anxieties in U.S. K–12 Schools

pp. 1-27

Archive Activism: Vergangenheitsbewaltigung!

pp. 28-41

"Until Death Do We (Queers) Part": (Queer) Biblical Interpretation, (Invented) Truth, and Presumption in Controversies Concerning Biblical Characters' Sexualities

pp. 42-67

Queer Conversations

Queer Suicidality, Conflict, and Repair

pp. 68-99


Tragic Queer at the Urinal Stall, Who, Now, Is the Queerest One of All?: Queer Theory | Autoethnography | Doing Queer Autoethnography

pp. 100-113

Ripping Off the Mask: A Queer, Kinky, Fat Masquerade

pp. 114-120

Infectious Sex? An Autoethnographic Exploration of HIV Prevention

pp. 121-129

Parenting the Possible

pp. 130-138

Identity Intersections and Transformers: A Transgender Autoethnographic Reflection

pp. 139-147

Bridging Performances of Auto/ethnography and Queer Bodies of Color to Advocacy and Civic Engagement

pp. 148-156

Speaking as (Significant) Othered

pp. 157-165

MotherWork COLLAGE (A Queer Scrapbook)

pp. 166-179


pp. 180-188

On the Infinitude of Life Stories: Still Puzzling Queer Tales After All These Years

pp. 189-197