restricted access   Volume 19, Number 2-3, Summer/Winter 2010

Table of Contents


Connection without Engagement: Paradoxes of North American Armenian Return Migration

pp. 147-169

Imputing Diaspora: An Examination of Turkish Political Rhetoric in Germany

pp. 170-194

Mapping Chinese Return Migration from New Zealand: A Quantitative Data Analysis from a Comparative Perspective

pp. 195-228

Post-Diaspora and the Poetics of "What?" in Fred Wah's Diamond Grill

pp. 229-253

Transnational Associational Life and Political Mobilization of Ecuadorians and Argentines in Spain and Italy: What Role for Sending State Policies?

pp. 254-279

The Homeland in the Literature and Music of Syrian-Lebanese Immigrants and their Descendants in Brazil

pp. 280-311

Comparative Constructions of Malaysian Indian Class Dynamics: K.S. Maniam's The Return and Preeta Samarasan's Evening Is the Whole Day

pp. 312-328

Review Essay

Ancestral and Territorial Homelands: The Politics of the Indian Diaspora in Kenya

pp. 329-342


Rethinking Diversity in Europe: Lessons from the New World

pp. 343-350

When the Guest becomes the Host: Review of Familiar Strangers: The Georgian Diaspora and the Evolution of the Soviet Empire

pp. 351-360