restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, June 2016

Table of Contents

Feature Article

Is There Such a Thing as a Love Drug?

pp. 79-92


Is There Such a Thing as a Love Drug?: Reply to McGee

pp. 93-96

Why Not a Mannequin?: Questing the Need to Draw Boundaries Around Love When Considering the Ethics of “Love-altering” Technologies

pp. 97-100


Love’s Exemplars: A Response to Gupta, Earp, and Savulescu

pp. 101-102

Feature Articles

First Do No Harm?: What Role Should Considerations of Potential Harm Play in Revising the DSM?

pp. 103-113

Practitioner Narrative Competence in Mental Health Care

pp. 115-127

Philosophy and Madness. Radical Turns in the Natural Attitude to Life

pp. 129-146

Are Mental Disorders Natural Kinds?: A Plea for a New Approach to Intervention in Psychiatry

pp. 147-163

Culturally Unbound: Cross-Cultural Cognitive Diversity and the Science of Psychopathology

pp. 165-179

About the Authors

pp. 181-182