restricted access   Volume 8, Issue 2, 2005

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From: Theory & Event

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Symposium: The Election of 2004


What is to be Done? Thinking Politically about the 2004 Election

What's The Matter With Us?: The Meaning of Post-11/2 Politics

Unfeeling Kerry

Beyond Flawed Elections: Toward a Privatized Presidency

An Election in Iraq

Deciding on the Borderland: The Ukrainian Elections of 2004

Old and New Media: Competition and Political Space


Asceticism in Contemporary Political Theory: Marx, Weber, Nietzsche and Beyond

Evil's Political Habitats

The Pessimist Rearmed: Zizek On Christianity And Revolution

On the Political Animal and the Return of Just War

Simulation, Automata, Cinema: A Critique of Gestures


What is Left About the Postmodern

Anger Management

The Shape of the Signifier or, The Ontology of Argument

The Lure of Multiple Contrast

Can the Multitude Save the Left?