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On the unstable boundaries between “interior” and “exterior,” “private” and “public,” and always in some way relating to a “beyond,” the imagery of interior space in literature reveals itself as an often disruptive code of subjectivity and of modernity. The wide variety of interior spaces elicited in literature — from the odd room over the womb, secluded parks, and train compartments, to the city as a world under a cloth — reveal a common defining feature: these interiors can all be analyzed as codes of a paradoxical, both assertive and fragile, subjectivity in its own unique time and history. They function as subtexts that define subjectivity, time, and history as profoundly ambiguous realities, on interchangeable existential, socio-political, and epistemological levels. This volume addresses the imagery of interior spaces in a number of iconic and also lesser known yet significant authors of European, North American, and Latin American literature of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries: Djuna Barnes, Edmond de Goncourt, William Faulkner, Gabriel García Márquez, Benito Pérez Galdós, Elsa Morante, Robert Musil, Jules Romains, Peter Waterhouse, and Émile Zola.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Title, Copyright
  2. pp. i-viii
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. ix-xii
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  1. Preface: History and the Interior Space
  2. Michael J. Kelly
  3. pp. 13-20
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  1. Introduction: The Imagery of Interior Spaces and the Hazards of Subjectivity
  2. Dominique Bauer
  3. pp. 21-34
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  1. 1. From the Enclosed Individual to Spatial Notions of a “Beyond”: Spatial Imagery in the Work of Jules Romains
  2. Dominique Bauer
  3. pp. 35-56
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  1. 2. Sensualizing the “Over There”: The Dissolving of Exteriority and Interiority in “Geo-thoughts” and “Geo-song"
  2. Marcus Breyer
  3. pp. 57-76
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  1. 3. Evisceration: Exposing Internal Spaces in La curée
  2. Aude Campmas
  3. pp. 77-96
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  1. 4. The World as Seen through a Window: Interiors and the Crisis of Morality in the Work of Robert Musil
  2. Stijn De Cauwer
  3. pp. 97-116
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  1. 5. Artful Arrangements: Interior Space in Edmond de Goncourt’s La maison d’un artiste
  2. Erin E. Edgington
  3. pp. 117-138
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  1. 6. In Her Chambers: Spaces of Fiction in Elsa Morante
  2. Gabrielle E. Orsi
  3. pp. 139-170
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  1. 7. The Inscapability of Dwelling in Yoknapatawpha County
  2. Stefanie E. Sobelle
  3. pp. 171-192
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  1. 8. “The (Dis)Possessed”: Djuna Barnes’s ?Nightwood and the Modern Museum
  2. Lindsay Starck
  3. pp. 193-218
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  1. 9. Interior Spaces in Literature: A Sociological and Historical Perspective
  2. Álvaro Santana-Acuña
  3. pp. 219-236
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  1. Contributors
  2. pp. 237-244
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