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CLA JOURNAL 147 146 CLA JOURNAL FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS CLAJ Transitions to Online and Reduced Publication Why is CLAJ converting to an online only publication?  The College Language Association Journal’s (CLAJ) transition to publishing online puts it in step with comparable journals whose decisions to go digital are driven by financial expediency and a desire for increased national and global accessibility. When will CLAJ officially cease to print issues and become accessible online only?  Beginning with the double issue 61.1-2 (September 2017-December 2017), CLAJ will formally become an online publication. Can I still order print copies of CLAJ that predate its move to digital publishing?  A significant inventory of past issues of CLAJ remain stored at the journal’s current headquarters at Howard University. All past issues of the journal are available for sale at the advertised amount until the supply has been depleted. Visit https://www. for Subscription Rates and mailing address. Who will have access to online issues CLAJ?  CLA members who are current in their membership status and subscribers who are current in their subscription or renewal fees will have complete access to CLAJ. How can I navigate the CLA website to access online issues of CLAJ?  Both CLA members and nonmembers can click on category/journal/ for directions on how to access current and back issues of CLAJ. How will CLAJ’s current partnerships with JSTOR and EBSCOhost be impacted? CLAJ’s conversion to an online publishing platform will not impact its current agreement with JSTOR and EBSCOhost. Published essays will remain globally accessible through these databases and through the CLAJ web page listed above. Will subscription costs change for its various subscribers as CLAJ transitions from print to online?  No. Subscription costs will remain unchanged. Visit /uploads/2018/04/CLAJ-Single-Issue-Price-List.pdf for Subscription Rates. Will subscribers see a reduction in subscription costs that reflect CLAJ’s reduced publication schedule? No. Subscription costs will remain the same. FAQs What months can subscribers now expect to receive CLAJ issues in light of the journal’s reduced publication schedule? The CLA Journal will now be published in March and September of each year. Will my CLA membership still entitle me to receive hard copies of the College Language Association Journal?  No. Beginning with volume 61, print copies of CLAJ will become a thing of the past. However, for those who wish to purchase print copies of past issues, the Editor has an inventory of back issues on hand for sale until depleted. Email for more information. How does exclusive online publishing impact copyright? Who owns copyright to my work? Who can access my work? Inasmuch asCLAJ has a formal agreement with JSTOR,the journal adheres to copyright guidelines in compliance with this agreement. They are as follows: Licensor shall retain all copyright rights in the Publication including the Publication as it is contained within the Publication Archive, subject to the License granted to JSTOR herein. JSTOR shall own all other information and content used in, or in connection with,thePublicationArchiveandtheJSTORArchive,subjecttotheintellectualproperty rights of third parties (such as licensors of software programs used in the development of the JSTOR Archive), including but not limited to software, search engines, computer searchable indices, user interfaces, source code and the JSTOR compilation. JSTOR will include a copyright notice with each article in the Publication Archive, viewable online, (a) indicating Licensor as owner of copyright in Publication, or (b) subject to space constraints, such copyright ownership as designated by Licensor in writing. The JSTOR Archive shall also contain a notice prohibiting users from systematically printing out, downloading, and bulk reproducing or distributing publications, or portions thereof, without Licensor’s permission, and such other notice information as JSTOR shall determine. In the event of a dispute with respect to the electronic distribution of any article in the Publication Archive, JSTOR may remove such article from the JSTOR Archive. Any paid subscriber of JSTOR or any current member of the College Language Association can access your work via JSTOR or by visiting...


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