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  • Title IndexVolume 61 (2020)

Accounting for Slavery: Masters and Management, by C. Caitlin Rosenthal, reviewed by D. Stapleton, R 346

Alles im Fluss: Die Lebensadern unserer Gesellschaft [Everything flows: the lifeblood of our society], by D. van Laak, reviewed by N. Disco, R 1216

The American Lab: An Insider's History of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, by Bruce Tarter, reviewed by B. Sims, R 1238

American Lucifers: The Dark History of Artificial Light, 1750-1865, by J. Zallen, reviewed by R. S. Bridges, R 990

"Another Take on Quantitative Methods: Claire Lemercier and Claire Zalc, Quantitative Methods in the Humanities," J. Guldi, 341

Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computers, by D. Parisis, reviewed by R. Plotnick, R 1229

Architectural Intelligence: How Designers and Architects Created the Digital Landscape, by M. W. Steenson, reviewed by O. Halpern, R 1265

"As We Could Have Thought: Deploying Historical Narratives of the Memex in Support of Innovation," C. Leslie, 480

"Awards," 662

Barriers Down: How American Power and Free-Flow Policies Shaped Global Media, by D. Lemberg, reviewed by R. Scales, R 957

Battleship Bismarck: A Design and Operational History, edited by W. Garzke Jr., R. O. Dulin, W. Jurens, J. Cameron, reviewed by S. A. Pomeroy, R 971

Behind the Exhibit: Displaying Science and Technology at World's Fairs and Museums in the Twentieth Century, edited by E. Canadelli, M. Beretta, and L. Ronzon, reviewed by M. Low, R 1269

Big Science Fiction: Kernfusion und Popkultur in den USA, by S. Mârkl, reviewed by J.-H. Meyer, R 983

"Birthing Stories and Techno-moral Change across Generations: Coping with Hospital Births and High-tech Medicalization in Rural South China, 1960s-2010s," G. Santos, 581

Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stupid: Changing Feelings About Technology, From the Telegraph to Twitter, by L. Fernandez and S. J. Matt, reviewed by M. Hessler, R 1222

Bright Signals: A History of Color Television, [End Page 1281] by S. Murray, reviewed by C. Kane, R 375

Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption, by S. Pirani, reviewed by B. C. Black, R 700

Ceramics in Circumpolar Prehistory: Technology, Lifeways and Cuisine, edited by P. Jordan and K. Gibbs, reviewed by I. Gilligan, R 1221

"Challenging Europe: Technology, Environment, and the Quest for Resource Security," M. Heymann, P. Hógselius, E. Kochetkova, J. Martin, O. Sparenberg, F. Veraart, and A. Áberg, 282 The Chinese and the Iron Road: Building the Transcontinental Railroad, edited by G. H. Chang and S. F. Fishkin, reviewed by R. Cliver, R 1258

Colored Travelers: Mobility and the Fight for Citizenship before the Civil War, by E. S. Pryor, reviewed by G. D. Zylstra, R 693

"Computer Models and Thatcherist Futures: From Monopolies to Markets in British Telecommunications," J. Ward, 843

Contagion, Isolation, and Biopolitics in Victorian London, by M. L. N. Kerr, reviewed by A. Adams, R 347

"Contextualizing Colossus: Codebreak-ing Technology and Institutional Capabilities," T. Haigh and M. Priestly, 871

Contraception: A Concise History, by D. J. Drucker, reviewed by C. Mas, R 949

Corporeality in Early Cinema: Viscera, Skin, and Physical Form, edited by M. Dahlquist, D. Galili, J. Olsson, V. Robert, reviewed by K. Garner, R 695

"The Craft of Mud-making: Crop-scapes, Time, and History," F. Bray, 645

"Crises and Technological Futures: Experiences, Emotion, and Action," K. Kalmbach, A. Marklund, and A. Áberg, 272

Delayed Response: The Art of Waiting from the Ancient to the Instant World, by J. Farman, reviewed by D. Z. Kaiman, R 1226

Die Versorgung der Hauptstadt der Bewegung: Infrastrukturen und Stadtgesellschaft im nationalsozialistischen München [Supplying the capital of the movement: infrastructures and urban society in national socialist Munich], by M. W. Irlinger, reviewed by J. I. Engels, R 1243

"The Disappearing Nuclear Landscape: Snapshots of Lost Atomic Technologies," J. Krupar, 512

Documenting Aftermath: Information Infrastructures in the Wake of Disasters, by M. Finn, reviewed by S. G. Knowles, R 704

Documenting the World: Film, Photography, and the Scientific Record, edited by G. Mitman and K. Wilder, reviewed by P. S. Collopy, R 697

Ecologics, by C. Howe, reviewed by N. Kapoor, 686

"Editorial," R. Oldenziel, 61.3:ix

Electrified Voices: How the Telephone, Phonograph, and...


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