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  • English Diplomacy and Literary Writing ca. 1500–1700:A Guide to Further Reading *
  • Joanna Craigwood and Tracey A. Sowerby

the following bibliography is designed as a selective guide to further reading for researchers and students working on aspects of the relationship between English diplomacy and literary culture. It is not an exhaustive list, and the contextual sections (in particular) introduce large areas of research through a mixture of useful surveys, influential works, and representative samples. While our focus is on England throughout, diplomacy is unavoidably international; we have therefore included selected scholarship on other parts of the world, covering major influences or comparisons, or providing valuable theoretical or methodological insights.

Section 1 primarily provides context, through general histories of diplomacy, and draws on historical scholarship. Section 2 introduces general approaches to the study of literature and diplomacy within literary scholarship. Sections 3 to 5 then introduce research in three major, new, interdisciplinary areas: increasingly "literary" approaches to analyzing diplomatic documents; diplomacy as performance, including intersections between diplomacy and theatrical performance; and the role of diplomats in producing, circulating, and disseminating a wide range of texts.

This bibliography may be downloaded for free, in whole or in part, from, which allows exports in various formats, including those compatible with most types of reference management software. [End Page 651]

  1. 1. General Works on Diplomacy and Diplomatic Personnel

    1. a. Studies of Early Modern European Diplomacy

    2. b. Recent Historiographical Surveys

    3. c. Women and Diplomacy

    4. d. Diplomacy and the Arts

    5. e. English Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

    6. f. English Diplomatic Personnel

  2. 2. General Approaches to Literature and Diplomacy

    1. a. International Contexts for English Literature

    2. b. Recent Approaches to Literature and Diplomacy

    3. c. Case Studies in English Contexts

    4. d. Literature and International Law

  3. 3. Reading Documents

    1. a. Diplomatic Handbooks

    2. b. Contextual Studies of Letters and Archives

    3. c. Royal Correspondence and Other Royal Writing

    4. d. Diplomatic Reports, Letters, and Speeches

    5. e. The Materiality of Diplomatic Texts

  4. 4. Interpreting Performances

    1. a. Studies of Diplomatic Ceremonial and Court Space

    2. b. Ceremony and Court Space in English Diplomacy

    3. c. Court Entertainments

    4. d. Drama and the Theatricality of Diplomacy

  5. 5. Tracing Networks, Publics, and the Circulation of Texts

    1. a. Diplomatic Publics

    2. b. Networks and the Circulation of Texts

    3. c. Translation

    4. d. Travel Writing [End Page 652]

1. General Works on Diplomacy and Diplomatic Personnel

1a. Studies of Early Modern European Diplomacy

This section includes general surveys of European diplomacy in the early modern period. It also includes a number of recent studies that are important either for adding to our understanding of the development of diplomatic practices or for changing the ways we approach the study of diplomacy in this period.

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