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  • Canadian Ethnic Studies/Études Ethniques Au CanadaVol. 51, Nos. 1-3, 2019


Ari, Esra. Centering the White Gaze: Identity Construction among Second-Generation Jamaicans and Portuguese. 51.2: 61-86.

Baird, Ian G. Developing an Anti-Racism Methodology: Considering Japanese and White Canadian Fishing Family Relations in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. 51.2: 107-130.

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe. Locating Intersectionality in Transnational Aid Activism: An Autoethnography of a Disaster Response. 51.3: 57-73.

Calderón Moya, Milagros B., and Lynn Butler-Kisber. Latin Americans' Perceptions of Their Secondary School Education in Montreal. 51.1: 89-110.

Dejean, Frédéric, Myriam Richard, et Sandrine Jean. Le rôle des groupes religieux dans la fabrique du lien social : l'action des Églises évangéliques montréalaises auprès des personnes immigrantes. 51.2: 131-151.

Gabriel, Christina, and Laura Macdonald. Contesting Gender Discrimination in the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. 51.3: 17-35.

Garcea, Joseph, and Daniel Kikulwe. 87 The Liberal Plan for Resettling Syrian Refugees in Canada: The Justificatory Narrative and Counter-Narrative. 51.2: 87-106.

Finn, Melissa, and Bessma Momani. Transnational Citizenship Mobilization among Canadian Arab Youth: An Engaged Social Movement for Change in the Middle East. 51.1: 25-68.

Fleras, Augie. 50 Years of Canadian Multiculturalism: Accounting for its Durability, Theorizing the Crisis, Anticipating the Future. 51.2: 19-59.

Howard, Philip S. S. Moving Us Nowhere: The Politics of Emotion and Civility in the Wake of the Quebec City Massacre. 51.1: 1-24. [End Page 171]

Ku, Jane. Journeys to a Diasporic Self. 51.3: 137-155.

Man, Guida. Social Reproduction and Transnational Migration: Navigating Institutional Processes in Childcare by Women in Middle-Class Mainland Chinese Immigrant Families in Canada. 51.3: 117-136.

O'Neill, Tom, Uttam Makaju, Rinjan Shrestha, Naresh Tamrakar, Bimal M. Shrestha, and Birendra Ratna Sthapit. The Nepali-Canadian Living Standards Survey: Newcomer Incorporation in the Greater Toronto Area. 51.1: 69-88.

Sano, Yujiro, and Teresa Abada. Immigration as a Social Determinant of Oral Health: Does the 'Healthy Immigrant Effect' Extend to Self-rated Oral Health in Ontario, Canada? 51.1: 135-156.

Somerville, Kara. Intergenerational Relations and Gendered Social Surveillance of Second-Generation South Asians. 51.3: 95-115.

Tastsoglou, Evangelia. "Introduction". 51.3: 1-16.

Tastsoglou, Evangelia, and Shiva Nourpanah. (Re)Producing Gender: Refugee Advocacy and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Refugee Narratives. 51.3: 37-56.

Zanazanian, Paul. Mobilizing Historical Consciousness for Concerted Social Action: English-speaking Quebec's Community Leaders and Their Quest for Group Vitality. 51.1: 111-133.

Zhu, Yidan. Mobilizing Mothering: Chinese Migrant Mothers and Transnational Cultural Capital. 51.3: 75-93.

Featured Articles/Articles Célebres

Frideres, James, Shibao Guo, Abdie Kazemipur, Morton Weinfeld, and Lloyd Wong. Mapping Racial and Ethnic Studies in Canada: Retrospective and Prospective Views of Canadian Ethnic Studies Chairs. 51.2: 1-18.

In Memory of Ann Denisla mémoire de Ann Denis

Christiansen-Ruffman, Linda. Learning More About Ann Barden Denis: A Dedication. 51.3: 157-163.

Review Article/Article de revue

Ryan, Phil. The Paradox of Hegemony and the "Multiculturalism of the Individual." 51.2: 153-167. [End Page 172]

Research Notes/Notes de recherché

Liu, Jingzhou. The Precarious Nature of Work in the Context of Canadian Immigration: An Intersectional Analysis. 51.2: 169-185.


Anderson, Jennifer. Propaganda & Persuasion: The Cold War and The Canadian-Soviet Friendship Society. By Ryan M. Touhey. 51.3: 167-169.

Coloma, Roland Sintos, and Gordon Pon, eds. Asian Canadian Studies Reader. By Shanti Fernando. 51.1: 157-158.

Nagra, Baljit. Securitized Citizens: Canadian Muslims' Experiences of Race Relations and Identity Formation Post-9/11. By Abdie Kazemipur. 51.2: 187-189.

Raska, Jan. Czech Refugees in Cold War Canada, 1945-1989. By Misha Mazzini Griffith. 51.2: 189-191.

Selby, Jennifer, Amélie Barras, and Lori G. Beaman. Beyond Accommodation: Everyday Narratives of Muslim Canadians. By Michael Akladios. 51.3: 165-167. [End Page 173]



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