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  • Victorian Studies: Index to Volume 61 (2018–2019)

Authors of Essays, Review Essays, Critical Responses, Review Fora, and Book Reviews

Abugideiri, Hibba. Review: Whidden, Egypt: British colony, imperial capital, 653–55.

Adams, James Eli. Eminent Victorians Forum: “The Deity and Doctor Arnold,” 100–05.

Adams, James Eli. Eminent Victorians Forum: “The Deity and Doctor Arnold,” 100–05.

Adams, James Eli. Review: Plotz, Semi-Detached: The Aesthetics of Virtual Experience since Dickens, 311–13.

Albrecht, Thomas. Review: Newton, George Eliot for the Twenty-First Century: Literature, Philosophy, Politics, 480–82.

Alfano, Veronica. Review: Miller, Poetry, Media, and the Material Body: Autopoetics in Nineteenth-Century Britain, 699–701.

Auerbach, Sascha. Review: Kennedy, The Imperial History Wars: Debating the British Empire, 659–61.

Bailey, Peter. Review: Atkinson, and Roud, eds., Street Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century: Producers, Sellers, Consumers, 315–17.

Baker, Samuel. Review: Mentz, and Rojas, eds., The Sea and Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Literary Culture, 118–21.

Banerjee, Sukanya. Review: Boehmer, Indian Arrivals 1870–1915: Networks of British Empire, 353–55.

Bauer, Pearl Chaozon. Review: Paxton, Willful Submission: Sado-Erotics and Heavenly Marriage in Victorian Religious Poetry, 302–03.

Berenson, Edward. Review: Thomas, and Toye, Arguing about Empire: Imperial Rhetoric in Britain and France, 1882–1956, 116–18.

Betensky, Carolyn. Review: Christianson, and Thorne-Murphy, eds., Philanthropic Discourse in Anglo-American Literature, 1850–1920, 526–29.

Blum, Hester. Review: McCorristine, The Spectral Arctic: A History of Dreams & Ghosts in Polar Exploration, 680–82.

Booth, Alison. Eminent Victorians Forum: “A Bestiary of Florence Nightingales: Strachey and Collective Biographies of Women,” 93–99.

Bossche, Chris R. Vanden. Review: Vargo, An Underground History of Early Victorian Fiction: Chartism, Radical Print Culture, and the Social Problem Novel, 469–71.

Boucher, Ellen. Review: Forth, Barbed-Wire Imperialism: Britain’s Empire of Camps, 1876–1903, 349–51.

Bourrier, Karen. Review: Tilley, Blindness and Writing: From Wordsworth to Gissing, 490–92.

Bowden, Mary. Review: Desmarais, Monsters under Glass: A Cultural History of Hothouse Flowers from 1850 to the Present, 516–17.

Braun, Gretchen. Review: Kasmer, ed., Traumatic Tales: British Nationhood and National Trauma in Nineteenth-Century Literature; Lovesey, Postcolonial George Eliot, 477–80.

Brown, Daniel. Review: Dubois, Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Poetry of Religious Experience, 510–11. [End Page 721]

Burton, Antoinette. Review: Hall, ed., Victorian Ecocriticism: The Politics of Place and Early Environmental Justice; Moore, and Smith, eds., Victorian Environments: Acclimatizing to Change in British Domestic and Colonial Culture, 520–22.

Campbell, Matthew. Review: Bubb, Meeting Without Knowing It: Kipling and Yeats at the Fin de Siècle, 339–41.

Castle, Gregory. Review: O’Malley, Liffey and Lethe: Paramnesiac History in Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Ireland, 152–54.

Chang, Elizabeth. Review: Chen, Merchants of War and Peace: British Knowledge of China in the Making of the Opium War, 113–14.

Chapman, Alison. Review: Prins, Ladies’ Greek: Victorian Translations of Tragedy, 506–08.

Childers, Joseph W. Review: Aguirre, Mobility and Modernity: Panama in the Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Imagination, 355–57.

Clark, Anna. Review: Kinealy, and King, and Reilly, eds., Women and the Great Hunger; Corporaal, Relocated Memories: The Great Famine in Irish and Diaspora Fiction, 1846–1870, 162–64.

Daly, Nicholas. Review: Luckhurst, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Dracula, 496–98.

Danahay, Martin. Review: Wan, Masculinity and the Trials of Modern Fiction, 303–05.

Daunton, Martin. Review: Ashton, One Hot Summer: Dickens, Darwin, Disraeli, and the Great Stink of 1858, 138–40.

Denisoff, Dennis. Review: Desmarais, and Condé, eds., Decadence and the Senses, 334–36.

Donaldson, Elizabeth J. Review: Mauger, The Cost of Insanity in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Public, Voluntary and Private Asylum Care, 529–31.

Dubois, Martin. Essay: “Edward Lear’s India and the Colonial Production of Nonsense,” 35–59.

Farina, Jonathan. Review: Russell, Tact: Aesthetic Liberalism and the Essay Form in Nineteenth-Century Britain; Hurley, and Waithe, eds., Thinking through Style: Non-Fiction Prose of the Long Nineteenth Century, 711–14.

Fessenbecker, Patrick. Review: Markovits, The Victorian Verse-Novel: Aspiring to Life, 504–06.

Fielding, Penny. Review: Glazzard, The Case of Sherlock Holmes: Secrets and Lies in Conan Doyle’s Detective Fiction, 704–05.

Fischler, Alan. Review: Goron, Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Respectable Capers’: Class, Respectability and the Savoy Operas, 1877–1909, 150–52.



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