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612 CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE Sabbath Shabbas, the Jewish Sabbath, occursfrom sundown to sundown, Friday through Saturday It is said the Sabbath is a bride. Her groom is darkness risen. She never marries, is never jilted. Like Penelope at her loom she weaves and unweaves her weekly sorrows. Her dowry is the fading light. She lets down her hair as a hive lets loose its bees. Her hair is dark as anthracite. At her second day ofdusk she flees. She snuffs the candles out, she pours the wine. She is conversant with angels. She is the last flower left on the vine. Before evening is over all fall to her spell. She has been to Babylon and back year by yearyou must bury your face in her long black hair. VALERIE WOHLFELD ...


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