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  • Doctoral Dissertations

University of Alberta (20) (20) (11)

  • YUAN CHIEH YANG, "Mass Technology, Mass Appeal, and Emotion in Mass Art." Adviser: Jennifer Welchman.

  • JOSHUA ST. PIERRE, "Fluency Machines: Semiocapitalism, Disability and Action." Adviser: Cressida Heyes.

  • JAY WORTHY, "On the Public Spaces of Resistance: Merleau-Ponty, Derrida and the Material Conditions for Critique." Adviser: Marie-Eve Morin.

  • RACHEL LOEWEN WALKER, "The Matter of Time: Stories from a Living Present." Adviser: Marie-Eve Morin.

University of Arizona (56) (54) (22)

  • SAMEER BAJAJ, "How to Be a Citizen: Agency, Justice, and Truth in Democratic Politics." Advisers: Thomas Christiano and David Schmidtz.

  • BRYAN CHAMBLISS, "Second-Person Thought." Advisers: Terence Horgan and Shaun B. Nichols.

  • SARAH RASKOFF, "Transparency in Metaethics." Adviser: Juan Comesaña.

  • GREGORY ROBSON, "Finding Justice in Theory and Practice." Adviser: David Schmidtz.

  • MATT SCHULER, "How to Properly Wear a Tinfoil Hat: A Call for Epistemic Humility in the Creation of Artificial Intelligence, in Applications of Neuroprosthetics, and in the Debate over Scientific Realism." Adviser: Terence Horgan. [End Page 189]

University of Arkansas (25) (25) (10)

  • CHARLES COIL, "Abandoning the Dream of Omnipotence: On Autonomy and Self-Binding." Adviser Thomas Senor.

  • ANDREW KIRSCHNER, "Will-Independent Mereological Trinity Monotheism: A Defense of the Logical Coherence of, A Priori Motivation for, and a Particular Model Concerning the Doctrine of the Trinity." Adviser Thomas Senor.

Binghamton University (37) (19) (12)

  • FERNANDO ZAPATA, "John Dewey's Historical Criticism of American Liberalism." Adviser: Randy Friedman.

Boston College (86) (76) (23)

  • JOHN McCARTHY, "Aristotle's Sophistical Refutations: A Translation with Introduction, Commentary, and Appendices." Adviser: Gary Gurtler.

  • MARTIN BERNALES ODINO, "Towards a Genealogy of Poverty in Latin America: The Birth of the Police of the Poor." Adviser: James Bernauer.

  • GRETA TURNBULL, "Uncovering the Roots of Disagreement." Adviser: Daniel McKaughan.

  • MATTHEW CLEMENTE, "Eros Crucified Sex and Death at the Intersection of Philosophy, Theology, and Psychoanalysis." Adviser: Richard Kearney.

  • MELISSA FITZPATRICK, "Disruption, Conversation, & Ethics: A Study on the Limits of Self-Legislation." Adviser: Richard Kearney.

  • MURRAY LITTLEJOHN, "Contemporary Confessions: Philosophical Engagements with Saint Augustine's Confessions." Adviser: Richard Kearney.

  • STEPHANIE RUMPZA, "The Phenomenology of the Icon: Finite Meditation of an Infinite God." Adviser: Jeffrey Bloechl.

Boston University (47) (47) (19)

  • KURT BLANKSCHAEN, "Social Identities and Special Obligations." Adviser: Ann Cudd.

  • TANNER HAMMOND, "Experiencing Values: A Phenomenological Case for Moral Realism." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

  • JAMES KINKAID, "Heidegger's Science of Being, 1919-1930." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom. [End Page 190]

Bowling Green State University (31) (26) (11)

  • MARK HERMAN, "Subjective Moral Biases & Fallacies: Developing Scientifically & Practically Adequate Moral Analogues of Cognitive Heuristics & Biases." Adviser: Sara Worley. Awarded in 2017–2018.

University of British Columbia (46) (46) (25)

Brown University (27) (27) (14)

  • LEO YAN, "Making Sense of Seeming Incomparability." Adviser: James Dreier.

  • GEOFFREY GROSSMAN, "From Reference to Content: Semantic Intuitions and the Theoretical Basis for Externalism." Adviser: Ricki Heck.

  • THOMAS FISHER, "How Much Blameworthiness Do We Share? All-or-Nothing Principles of Proportionality in Accounts of Individual Blameworthiness for Collective Harms." Adviser: David Estlund.

  • HARRISON CHALMERS, "Moral Authority, Normative Totality." Adviser: James Dreier.

University of California, Berkeley (38) (38) (19)

  • ETHAN JERZAK, "Paradox in Thought and Natural Language." Advisers: John MacFarlane and Seth Yalcin.

  • RACHEL RUDOLPH, "Talking about Appearances: Experience, Evaluation, and Evidence in Discourse." Advisers: John MacFarlane and Seth Yalcin.

  • ADAM BRADLEY, "Sensitive Subjects: Bodily Awareness, Pain, and the Self." Advisers: John Campbell and Geoffrey Lee.

  • JAMES HUTCHINSON, "Frege's Systematic Conception of Truth and Its Consequences." Advisers: John Campbell and John MacFarlane. Awarded in 2017–2018.

  • JEFFREY KAPLAN, "Weightless Normativity: A Theory of Law, Language, and More." Advisers: Hannah Ginsborg and Niko Kolodny. Awarded in 2017–2018.

  • ERICA KLEMPNER, "Beauty, Art, and Testimony: Subjectivity and Objectivity in Aesthetics." Advisers: Hannah Ginsborg and Barry Stroud. Awarded in 2017–2018.

  • ANTONIA PEACOCKE, "Knowing Yourself Is Something You Do." Advisers: John Campbell and Barry Stroud. Awarded in 2017–2018. [End Page 191]

University of California, Davis

  • TYRUS FISHER, "Counterfactual Dependence and Causation's Arrows." Adviser: Adam Sennet.

  • SHAWN MILLER, "Efficiency Is a Ratio: On the Character of Electronic Digital Computers." Advisers: Roberta Millstein and James Griesemer.

  • JACOB VELASQUEZ, "Motivational Judgement Internalism and the Problem of Psychological Conflict." Adviser: David Copp.

  • TIMOTHY HOUK, "The Nature and Morality of Manipulation." Adviser: David Copp. Awarded in 2017...


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