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  • Yao Feng (bio)
    Translated by Kit Kelen (bio) and Fang Xia (bio)

a bird uncovers the sky to show what he has collected— the clouds are all in the sky, in the cage

a bud swaying in the breeze, says:I will blossom if you'll be a bee!

a wave takes me and asksif a stranded whale can be dragged back to seaa tree pulls out its roots, waves its wig to bid farewellthen runs away to some far-flung place

a mountain leads me to the cliffturns around to offer me the gift of an abyss

the tour guide says that tourists are the best people in this citythen he brings me to the casino for gambling and fun [End Page 155]

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Inside Out, Pascagoula, MS, 2005.

Photograph by Linda Butler.

When Katrina pushed itself into this modest house, it ripped apart the glass doors, pried open the back wall and carried away the porch. Fortunately, the owner had evacuated to high ground.


Belongings, Pascagoula, MS, 2005.

Photograph by Linda Butler.

The contents of this home were so badly damaged that little could be salvaged, and the place was torn down. [End Page 156]

Yao Feng

Yao Feng 姚风 was born in Beijing in 1958 and is now a professor at the University of Macau. His books of poetry include Writing on the Wings of the Wind, One Horizon—Two Views, Faraway Song, and When the Fish Close Their Eyes. He received the Rougang Poetry Award in 2004.

Kit Kelen

Kit Kelen is an Australian poet and former professor of creative writing in the Department of English, University of Macau. He has co-translated two volumes with the late Hong Kong poet Leung Ping Kwan, and four with Macau poet Yao Jing Ming.

Fang Xia

Fang Xia is a doctoral student in creative writing in the Department of English, University of Macau.



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