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In addition to david e. alsobrook's presidential address, "A Portrait of the Archivist as a Young Man," this issue of the Alabama Review includes an index to the past four volumes of the journal, volumes sixty-eight, sixty-nine, seventy, and seventy-one (published from 2015-2018). Readers will find references to the articles and reviews from the past sixteen issues, as well as the people, places, objects, and major themes featured in the published articles, identified by volume and page number.

The index is an important and valuable feature of scholarly journals. For professional historians and scholars, the index makes the scholarship published in the Alabama Review accessible and ensures that authors receive proper credit for their contributions. Historians conducting research on a topic related to Alabama's diverse history will find it easier to draw on the work in the Review. Casual readers will also find much of value in the index, which serves as an encouragement to dig deeper into topics of interest and trace the stories of Alabama's past across issues and volumes.

I hope readers will find the index to be valuable and a source to deepen our larger understanding of Alabama's history. Beginning with volume seventy-two, the index will once more be an annual feature, published in the October issue, referencing the work published in the previous year.

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