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  • Recent Dissertations
  • Bonnie L. Blankenship
Becker, Brianna K. (Ph.D. 2016, Michigan State University) It’s a Christian World: The Role of Christian Privilege in the College Experiences of Jewish and Muslim Undergraduates Adviser: Steven Weiland
Ben Hagai, Ella (Ph.D. 2016, University of California, Santa Cruz) The Root Narrative Approach to Conflict: Understanding Arab and Jewish Americans’ Support for a Two State Solution Adviser: Eileen L. Zurbriggen
Berzak, Adam Jamie (Ph.D. 2016, University of Miami) “Two Beings Unite and Enrich the World”: Creation, Control, and the Body in Contemporary Golem Fiction Adviser: Joseph Alkana
Brack, Jonathan Z. (Ph.D. 2016, University of Michigan) Mediating Sacred Kingship: Conversion and Sovereignty in Mongol Iran Adviser: Kathryn Babayan
Burdin, Rachel Steindel (Ph.D. 2016, Ohio State University) Variation in Form and Function in Jewish English Intonation Adviser: Brian D. Joseph
Capobianco, Michael (Ph.D. 2016, City University of New York) Musical and Dramatic Roles of the Chorus in Hugo Weisgall’s “Esther” Adviser: Bruce Saylor
Chaness, Michael E. (Ph.D. 2016, Syracuse University) Brothers in Blood: The Significance of Land and Loss in the Creation of Jewish and Native American Ethnic and Religious Identity Advisers: Philip P. Arnold and Zachary Braiterman
Dascalu, Raphael Alexander (Ph.D. 2016, University of Chicago) Philology, Philosophy, and Sufism: Toward an Understanding of Tanhum HaYerushalmi’s Exegesis and Thought, with a Focus on His Commentaries on Jonah, the Song of Songs, and Qohelet Adviser: James T. Robinson
Dotan, Keren (Ph.D. 2016, New York University) Prophets of Secularization: Hebrew Mizrahi Writers in Eretz Yisrael, 1880s–1929 Adviser: Hannan Hever
Gold, Michael (Ph.D. 2016, Florida Atlantic University) A Whiteheadian Interpretation of the Zoharic Creation Story Adviser: Marina P. Banchetti
Greenberg, Galya Pinsky (Ed.D. 2017, Northeastern University) Exploring the Curriculum Narratives of Jewish Day School Bible Teachers Advisers: Billye S. Waters and Valerie Taylor
Greenwold, Diana Jocelyn (Ph.D. 2016, University of California, Berkeley) Crafting New Citizens: Art and Handicraft in New York and Boston Settlement Houses, 1900–1945 Adviser: Margaretta Lovell
Kessler, Samuel Joseph (Ph.D. 2016, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) A New Shoot from the House of David: Adolf Jellinek and the Creation of the Modern Rabbinate Adviser: Randall Styers
Leal, Cesar Andres (Ph.D. 2014, University of Kentucky) Rethinking Paris at the Fin-de-Siecle: A New Vision of Parisian Musical Culture from the Perspective of Gabriel Astruc (1854–1938) Advisers: Diana Hallman and Jonathan Glixon
Liubinskas, Susann M. (Ph.D. 2016, Asbury Theological Seminary) The Ethnographic Character of Romans: The Dichotomies of Law-Faith and JewGentile in Light of Greco-Roman and Hellenistic Jewish Ethnography Adviser: Ben Witherington III
Lober, Brooke (Ph.D. 2016, University of Arizona) Conflict and Alliance in the Struggle: Feminist Anti-Imperialism, Palestine Solidarity, and the Jewish Feminist Movement of the Late 20th Century Adviser: Sandra K. Soto
Naveros Cordova, Nelida (Ph.D. 2016, Loyola University, Chicago) Philo’s “Eusebeia” and Paul’s “Pneuma”: The Appropriation and Alteration of Hellenistic Jewish and Greek Philosophical Traditions in Their Ethical Discourses Adviser: Thomas H. Tobin
Neubert, Nils (D.M.A. 2017, City University of New York) Max Kowalski’s “Japanischer Fruehling”: A Song Collection from the Period of the Jewish Cultural Alliance in Nazi Germany Adviser: Chadwick O. Jenkins
Olson, Jason M. (Ph.D. 2016, Brandeis University) The Impact of the Six-Day War on Jewish-Protestant Relations Adviser: Jonathan D. Sarna
Quilitzsch, Anya (Ph.D. 2016, Indiana University) Everyday Judaism on the Soviet Periphery: Life and Identity of Transcarpathian Jewry after World War II Advisers: Padraic J. Kenney
Rotstein, Allison Mikel (Ph.D. 2016, University of California, Irvine) Survival Anxieties, Traumatic Performance, and Stages of Memory: Witnessing Loss in the Final Days of Holocaust Survivors Adviser: Anthony Kubiak
Sigvartsen, Jan Age (Ph.D. 2016, Andrews University) The Afterlife Views and the Use of the TaNaKh in Support of the Resurrection Concept in...


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