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  • Wed Wabbit by Lissa Evans
  • Karen Coats
Evans, Lissa Wed Wabbit. Fickling/Scholastic, 2018 [256p]
ISBN 978-1-338-18527-0 $17.99
Reviewed from galleys R Gr. 4-6

Eleven-year-old Fidge, irritated at having to take care of her irascible four-year-old sister, Minnie, kicks Minnie's favorite stuffie, Wed Wabbit, into the street with disastrous results: Minnie is hit by a car. While she's recovering in the hospital, Fidge has to spend time with her neurotic cousin, Graham, who considers himself hyper-intelligent but is afraid of things like toast and going down stairs. Before they know it, Graham and Fidge are whisked into the world of Minnie's favorite storybook, where a humongous Wed Wabbit has taken over and is causing all manner of mayhem. Wed Wabbit isn't the only transformed creature they find there—Minnie's stuffed elephant has become a lifestyle guru, and Graham's comfort object, a plastic carrot on wheels, has become an oversized, chatty therapist and sometime conveyance as the two humans must figure out a way to set things to rights and return Minnie's beloved toy to its normal size and themselves to the real world. Fidge's defensive pragmatism and Graham's skittishness are initially sad without being overwhelming; the portal fantasy and verbal irony keep the emotional intensity at just the right pitch to frame their healing. Peppered with puns and other jokes accessible to the elementary crowd as well as adults, the antic adventures with their therapeutic message offer a splendid opportunity for a family readaloud. [End Page 247]



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