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122 Notes on Contributors Notes on Contributors Peter Brown isan Assistant Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg, He is a specialist in military history and in American/British/Canadian relations. Brian W.Dippie is Professor of History at the University of Victoria. His books include The Vanishing American: White Attitudes and U.S. Indian Policy. His current research is in allegorical motifs in representations ofthe Indian in the visual arts. He has a book in progress: '"Unfastening Hands': Catlin, His Contemporaries, and the Politics of Patronage." James Doyle isan Associate Professor of English at Wilfrid Laurier University. Besides having published articles on Canadian/ American literary connections in various journals, he is the author of a biography, Annie Howells and Achille Frechette (1979),and has edited Yankees in Canada: A Collection of Nineteenth-Century Travel Narratives (1980). His most recent bookis North of America: Images of Canada in the Literature of the United States, 1775-1900 (1984). G.F. Goodwin is an Associate Professor of History at Carleton University. He has contributed to the Dictionary of American Biography and the Biographical Dictionary of Internationalists. He is currently working ona study of the Democratic party in the 1920s. Carolyn Hlus is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alberta. Besidesa number of reviews, she has published essays on Henry Kreisel in Profilesin Canadian Literature and the Journal of Canadian Culture. Robin P. Hoople is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Manitoba. Co-founder and former Co-editor of Mosaic, his major interests are in American Romanticism and American realism and naturalism. In addition to a number of reviews, his publications include a recent essayon Whitman's Song of Myself. John Lauber is Professor of English at the University of Alberta. He is the author of a book on Walter Scott, as well as numerous essays on American literature in such journals as American Studies, Iowa Review, Dalhousie Review, Studies in Short Fiction, Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Westem Humanities Review and English Language Notes. Eugene McNamara is Professor of English at the University of Windsor. His own prose and poetry have appeared widely. Currently he is working ona book about the production of the film Laura. Noteson Contributors 123 JohnJ.Tucker isan Assistant Professor of English at the University of Victoria. Besideshis interest in modern critical theory and poetry (he has published essayson Faulkner and Pound), he is also a specialist in Old Icelandic. GillesVandal teaches American history atl'Universite de Sherbrook. He has publishedessaysin Louisiana History and Revue de laLouisiane. Forthcoming ishisbook The New Orleans Riot of 1866: The Anatomy of a Tragedy. Mark Royden Winchell is this fall taking up a new position as Associate Professor of English at Clemson University. His several book and numerous essayson American literature are well known to our readers. News Notes THE CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTSTUDIES was organized to address the need for a co-ordinating body forinternational development studies in Canada. Membership in the associationprovidesinsightson development issuesthrough an informative Newsletter, an optional subscription at a reduced rate to the Canadian Journal of Development Studies and the opportunity actively to participate in meetings andconferences. CAIDS isinterdisciplinary and brings together practitioners, academics and researchers. For further information, write to the association at: University of Ottawa, 50 College Lane, Ottawa, Ontario, KlN 6N5. Philip C. Kolin and Colby H. Kullman are co-editing a new journal, Studies inAmerican Drama, 1945-1980,hoping to launch it byNovember 1985.They want to publish essays (10-20 pages; a photocopy and an original must be submitted) on any figure or movement in the period, although they are most eager to receive studies that trace influence or document theater history. They also plan to run a theater review section (reviews of 2-3pages), and are especially interested in printing reviews of American plays done in nonEnglish -speaking countries. For further information write: Philip C. Kolin, Department of English, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi39406-8395. ...


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