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Anderson, Bradford A. and Paula Gooder. An Introduction to the Study of the Pentateuch. 2nd ed. T&T Clark Approaches to Biblical Studies. Pp. xi + 211. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. Paper, $25.95.
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Grabbe, Lester L. Ancient Israel: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It? Rev. ed. Pp. xxii + 365. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. Paper, $21.99.
———1 and 2 Kings: History and Story in Ancient Israel: An Introduction and Study Guide. T&T Clark Study Guides to the Old Testament. Pp. ix + 111. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. Paper, $20.95.
Grabbe, Lester L., ed. The Land of Canaan in the Late Bronze Age. LHBOTS 636. Pp. vi + 236. London: Bloomsbury, 2016. Cloth, $114.00.
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Heller, Daniel Kupfert. Jabotinsky's Children: Polish Jews and the Rise of Right-Wing Zionism. Pp. xv + 331. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017. Cloth, $35.00.
Irudayaraj, Dominic S. Violence, Otherness, and Identity in Isaiah 63:1–6: The Trampling One Coming from Edom. LHBOTS 633. Pp. xvii + 199. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. Cloth, $114.00.
Jarick, John, ed. SOTS at 100: Centennial Essays of the Society for Old Testament Study. LHBOTS 650. Pp. x + 182. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. Cloth, $114.00.
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Kiboko, J. Kabamba. Divining the Woman of Endor: African Culture, Postcolonial Hermeneutics, and the Politics of Biblical Translation. LHBOTS 644. Pp. xxxi + 278. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. Cloth, $114.00.
Levin, Yigal. The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah: 2 Chronicles 10–36: A New Translation and Commentary. Pp. xvii + 517. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. Cloth, $148.00.
Lim, Timothy H. The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Very Short Introduction. Pp. xix + 147. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. Paper, $11.95.
Lowin, Joseph. Art and the Artist in the Contemporary Israeli Novel. Pp. xix + 173. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2017. Cloth, $90.00.
Mintz, Alan. Ancestral Tales: Reading the Buczacz Stories of S. Y. Agnon. Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture. Pp. xii + 425. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2017. Cloth, $65.00. [End Page 486]
Mintzker, Yair. The Many Deaths of Jew Süss: The Notorious...


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