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INTRODUCTION TO THE SECOND EDITION The original index to Éire-Ireland was published in 1992 and covered over 90 issues comprising some 1,100 or so articles. Since the journal is, of course, still going strong, further indexing is now necessary, and I find myself writing another introduction. That the Institute and the readers of Éire-Ireland have found the Index useful enough to justify continuing it is most gratifying. This Second Edition is in two parts. Part I reproduces the original intact. Reprinting it has afforded us the opportunity to correct any known errors, and we hope that we’ve caught all of them. Part II indexes the issues from Spring 1989 through Summer 1999. The basic methodology and format as set forth in the First Edition (Part I) still apply and need no reiteration here. The journal itself, however , has undergone some changes which are reflected in its indexing: 1. The editorial board has undertaken to give Éire-Ireland a more interdisciplinary direction. That new direction is manifested in Part II, most notably by the inclusion of artists whose work is reproduced on the covers. Access to those individuals is provided at Art—Éire-Ireland Cover Artists and Notes. Likewise, poets whose original works appear in the journal are indexed by the author’s name under Poetry—Original Works, but not by the poems’ titles unless they stand alone and are not in the New Poetry section of an issue. 2. Birth and death dates are shown in the subject index only. 3. Book reviews are not included in this edition. For reviews which appeared in the original index, users are referred to that work which appeared as Volume 27, Number 1 (Spring, 1992). Reviews of individual books are no longer part of the journal; thematic review essays are fully indexed as articles by author, title, and subject. INTRODUCTION TO THE SECOND EDITION v 4. Beginning with the Spring/Summer 1996 issue, Éire-Ireland has appeared in several combined issues. This has resulted in some variations in the format used for citations. The standard singleissues are cited as usual: volume number: issue number (season, year) followed by page numbers: 34:2 (Summer, 1999), 28–50. Issues combining two issues in the same volume number, such as Summer and Fall of 1997 are cited thus: 32:2–3 (Summer–Fall, 1997), 137–153. Issues that bridge two volume numbers and containing up to three seasonal issues are a little more involved. The example following combines volume 32, issue 4 and volume 33, issues 1 and 2: 32:4/33:1–2 (Winter, 1997/Spring–Summer, 1998), 29–65. Although a lot of numbers and symbols are packed into each of these latter examples, we’ve tried to keep the citations as clear as possible for the user while showing pertinent bibliographic information. Volume numbers are shown by Roman numerals on the issues themselves, but for ease of use, Arabic numbers are used in the index citations. Both Elizabeth Kunz and I certainly thank the editorial board of ÉireIreland , and its editors, Nancy J. Curtin and Vera Kreilkamp, as well as Deirdre Glenn, Executive Director of IACI, for their solid support and their great help (and patience) in this project. As in the first index, further thanks are more than due to a number of librarians and authorities in both this country and Ireland, especially for their help with tracking down surprisingly elusive birth and death dates for a number of individuals. My special thanks are due to Jim Rogers, Director of the Center for Irish Studies at the University of St.Thomas; to Ethna McKiernan of Irish Books and Media; and to Rebecca Yawney and reference librarian Carol Kelly at the Wayne Public Library. Further thanks go to Anne Hodge at the National College of Art and Design in Ireland and to Philip Casey, creator of the “Irish Writers” website. We sincerely hope that this index provides its users with clear, easy access to the considerable treasures contained in Éire-Ireland. As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions. ed marman Wayne, Michigan April, 2000 INTRODUCTION TO THE SECOND EDITION vi ...


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