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Contributors PAUL WITHERINGTON, the editor of “News and Ideas” in College English, has previously published essays on Emily Dickinson, Mel­ ville, and Crane. He now is an associate professor of English at South Dakota State University. ROBERT A. BRAWER teaches medieval English literature and lan­ guage at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where he is an assistant professor. His current interest lies with medieval cycle plays, and he is at work on a book treating the dramatic structure of the four extant Corpus Christi cycles. J. L. STYAN, a graduate of Cambridge University, now is Professor of English at the University of Michigan. His publications include The Elements of Drama, The Dark Comedy, The Dramatic Experience, and Shakespeare’s Stagecraft. EDWARD B. SAVAGE has both studied and taught for many years in Europe and the Near East. Currently Professor of Rhetoric and Head of the Literature Division at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Savage has published articles in numerous drama journals. ANTHONY GRAHAM-WHITE teaches in the Theatre Department at Southern Methodist University and has published in several journals dedicated to African literature. He also serves as editor of the “Theatre in Review” section in Educational Theatre Journal. ...


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