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88 A HUMANIST VIEW OF THEATRE ZELDA FICHANDLER DISSIDENT GOES WITHOUT SAYING MICHEL VINAVER 100 115 BOOKS AND COMPANY Cover: A Bunraku puppet-doll Photo: Courtesy of Japan Society Publication of Performing Arts Journal has been made possible in part by public funds received from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and the New York State Council on the Arts. CORRECTIONS TO PAJ 19 The cover photograph was incorrectly credited. The photograph was taken by Roe Dibona. In The Play of Misreading by Gerald Rabkin, page 47, line 13, the section should read: "While I am attracted to its rigor, intelligence and omniverous energy, I am repelled by its willful opacity, virtuoso grandstanding, and quasi-mystical divorce from the concrete. I remain unconvinced that radical ideas can only be expressed within a radical rhetoric." In Postmodern Dance/Postmodern ArchitecturelPostmodernism by Roger Copeland, page 40, line 20, the sentence should read: "So ironically, the sort of current choreography that many dance critics are tempted to call post-postmodern would make the postmodern architect feel right at home." 3 ...


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