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  • Stein Does Proteus at Sunset on Blackpool Promenade
  • Helen Palmer (bio)

Ineluctable modality of the vis-audible: dervished rubbishing child gull cries. Signatures of all things I am here to taste: deepfried candy-floss narcotic vinegar tang. Golden mile emetic.


Green splinter peel painty bench. Piering. A cross. The moveable her eyes on.

Eye. Wood eye.
Eye. A wood.
Either gnaws. The gnaws.
Its knot warm. Yer knot wrong.
Either gnaws. Eye.

Right enough. Watch Trev and Ann eat sandwiches from foil drink coffee from flasks and we all watch the sun stoop low. A whole whale underground and a stoop to lift reach under it why never only ever do it when you really really need it through the whispered clouds what do we have? Only times of harsh clenching when this is not one of those and it is only when you are thrice times tired. Thrice times tired and full of rage.

Twist your body in order to feel. Stretch your body in order to ground. Lift your body in order to love. Let it swell and overflow and oh. Interject if you must. Say the decent thing the decent thing say the decent thing. Interruptions and self-interceptions and self-thwarting. Never again never ever again. Going for people really going for people in the repetition you understand what I mean by really going for people it does not need to be hard it can be easy just put your head in the stream. [End Page 127]

And really in the tradition you know in the tradition you know normally in the tradition we go here then we put this here and normally when we go out we just head out and when you go for people I mean really go for people I was really going to go for them I mean really go for them all of them in one go one two three quick swallow down.

To suck in the stomach I mean really suck in the stomach on your tiptoes firming the calf and sitting down pulling up the quadriceps and feeling them taut and feeling your torsion now that is love. Squirling down in your seat screwdrivering down into one point underneath you on this wooden bench now that is love lifting yourself up by your arms now that is love. Lifting the bucket and lending the bucket and not minding the horrorstained bucket now that is love. Pegging out my smalls now that is. Sticks under the pier and being high and dropping things and stones being quicker.

Grabbing on suddenly without deciding now that is love. [End Page 128]

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer is a writer, performer, and lecturer at Kingston University. She is the author of Deleuze and Futurism: A Manifesto for Nonsense (2014). She has recently published articles on new materialism and gender, and she is currently writing a book titled Queer Defamiliarisation: A Reassessment of Estrangement and an novel titled Pleasure Beach.



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