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Vol. 48, Nos. 1-3, 2016


Agyekum, Boadi, and K. Bruce Newbold. Sense of Place and Mental Wellness of Visible Minority Immigrants in Hamilton, Ontario: Revelations from Key Informants. 48.1: 101–122.

Amarasingam, Amarnath, Gayathri Naganathan, and Jennifer Hyndman. Canadian Multiculturalism as Banal Nationalism: Understanding Everyday Meanings Among Sri Lankan Tamils in Toronto. 48.2: 119–141.

Arias-Valenzuela, Melisa, Catherine E. Amiot, and Andrew G. Ryder. Which One to Take On? International Students’ Identity Acquisition in the Hyperdiversity of Montreal. 48.1: 123–140.

Ashton, William, Rachael Noelle Pettigrew, and Eleni Galatsanou. Assessment of Settlement Services Systems in Western and Northern Canada: Perceptions of Settlement Provider Organizations. 48.3: 69–89.

Blum, Esther, Reashelle Braiden, and Tuula Heinonen. Service Delivery Considerations in Dealing with Honour-based Violence. 48.3: 129–148.

Caron, Jean-François. La déclaration de souveraineté de la nation atikamekw : les meanders de l’octroi d’un titre aborigine. 48.1: 141–160.

Coloma, Roland Sintos, and Fritz Luther Pino. “There’s Hardly Anything Left”: Poverty and the Economic Insecurity of Elderly Filipinos in Toronto. 48.2: 71–97.

Costigan, Catherine, Sabine Lehr, and Sheena Miao. Beyond Economics: Broadening Perspectives on Immigration to Canada. 48.1: 19–44.

Fleras, Augie. Theorizing Micro-aggressions as Racism 3.0: Shifting the Discourse. 48.2: 1–19.

Francis, Jenny, and Miu-Chung Yan. Bridging the Gaps: Access to Formal Support Services among Young African Immigrants and Refugees in Metro Vancouver. 48.1: 77–100. [End Page 181]

Garcea, Joseph, and Robert Vineberg. Introduction. 48.3: 1–4.

Garcea, Joseph. The Resettlement of Syrian Refugees: The Positions and Roles of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and its Members. 48.3: 149–173.

Grant, Peter R. “Canadian, Eh?” An Examination of the Multidimensional Structure and Functions of the National Identity of Immigrants and of Those Raised in Canada. 48.1: 45–75.

Guo, Shibao, and Yan Guo. Immigration, Integration and Welcoming Communities: Neighbourhood-based Initiative to Facilitate the Integration of Newcomers in Calgary. 48.3: 45–67.

Kikulwe, Daniel. Racialization, Silences and the Negotiation of Power Within Child Welfare Institutions in Ontario. 48.3: 109–127.

Li, Eva Xiaoling, Peter S. Li, and Li Zong. Profile of Small Businesses among Chinese in Vancouver. 48.2: 53–70.

McCoy, John, Anna Kirova, and W. Andy Knight. Gauging Social Integration among Canadian Muslims: A Sense of Belonging in an Age of Anxiety. 48.2: 21–52.

Nadeau, Frédérick, and Denise Helly. Extreme Right in Quebec? The Facebook Pages in Favor of the “Quebec Charter of Values.” 48.1: 1–18.

Neudorf, Eric. Key Informant Perspectives on the Government of Canada’s Modernized Approach to Immigrant Settlement. 48.3: 91–107.

Silvius, Ray. Neo-liberalization, Devolution, and Refugee Well Being: A Case Study in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 48.3: 27–44.

Somerville, Kara, and Oral Robinson. Keeping Up Appearances Within the Ethnic Community: A Disconnect Between First and Second Generation South Asians’ Educational Aspirations. 48.2: 99–117.

Wilkinson, Lori, Pallabi Bhattacharyya, Jill Bucklaschuk, Jack Shen, Iqbal A. Chowdhury, and Tamara Edkins. Understanding Job Status Decline among Newcomers to Canada. 48.3: 5–26.

Zhu, Yidan. Immigration Policy, Settlement Service, and Immigrant Mothers in Neoliberal Canada: A Feminist Analysis. 48.2: 143–156.

Research Notes/Notes de recherche

Fetzer, Joel S. The Politics of British Columbia’s 2002 Aboriginal Treaty Negotiations Referendum: Democratic Governance or Electoral Strategy? 48.2: 157–166.

Sobanski, Brenna. Reflections on the Polyglot Self: Multilinguals Negotiating Identity. 48.1: 161–173. [End Page 182]

Review Essay/Essai critique

Wright, Handel Kashope. Once More, Whence and Whither Canadian Multiculturalism? A Review Essay of Revisiting Multiculturalism in Canada. 48.2: 167–177.


Chattopadhyay, Suchorita, and Debashree DattaRoy, eds. At the Crossroads of Literature and Culture. By Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay. 48:3: 178–180.

Goldberg, Adara. Holocaust Survivors in Canada: Exclusion, Inclusion, Transformation, 1947–1955. By Nelson Wiseman. 48.2: 179–181.

Guo, Shibao, and Lloyd Wong, eds. Revisiting Multiculturalism in Canada: Theories, Debates and Issues. By Vic Satzewich. 48.3: 175–178.

Man, Guida, and Rina Cohen, eds. Engendering Transnational Voices: Studies in Family, Work and Identity...


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