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Bay-Cheng, Sarah. “Digital Historiography and Performance.” 507–27.

Bench, Harmony, and Kate Elswit. “Mapping Movement on the Move: Dance Touring and Digital Methods.” 575–95.

Bollen, Jonathan. “Data Models for Theatre Research: People, Places, and Performance.” 615–32.

Boyle, Michael Shane. “Container Aesthetics: The Infrastructural Politics of Shunt’s The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face.” 55–77.

Caplan, Debra. “Reassessing Obscurity: The Case for Big Data in Theatre History.” 555–73.

Causey, Matthew. “Postdigital Performance.” 427–41.

Gonzalez, Anita. “Aldridge in Action: Building a Visual Digital Interface.” E-1–17 (online only).

Grinenko, Aleksei. “‘Is That Just Disgusting?’ Mapping the Social Geographies of Filth and Madness in Sweeney Todd.” 231–48.

Kastleman, Rebecca. “Impersonating the Law: The Dramaturgy of Legal Action in the York Corpus Christi Pageant and John Bale’s Three Laws.” 37–56.

Kinsley, Elisabeth H. “‘The Jew That Shakespeare Drew, at Least in Outlines’: Renderings of a Yiddish-Speaking Shylock in New York, circa 1900.” 17–36.

Luber, Steve. “Convergence and Contingency: The Early Media Work of Reid Farrington.” 405–26.

McGinley, Paige A. “Reconsidering ‘the American Style’: Black Performers and Black Music in Streetcar and Cat.” 1–15.

Miller, Derek. “Average Broadway.” 529–53.

Popat, Sita. “Missing in Action: Embodied Experience and Virtual Reality.” 357–78.

Rae, Paul. “Lawful Espials? Edward Snowden’s Hamlet.” 335–55.

Sack, Daniel, ed. “A Constellation of Imagined Theatres: Technology and Performance.” 379–403.

Schweitzer, Marlis. “Casting Clara Fisher: Phrenology, Protean Farce, and the ‘Astonishing’ Career of a Child Actress.” 167–90.

Sizemore-Barber, April. “A Queer Transition: Whiteness in the Prismatic, Post-Apartheid Drag Performances of Pieter-Dirk Uys and Steven Cohen.” 191–211.

Stephenson, Jenn. “Winning and/or Losing: The Perils and Products of Insecurity in Postdramatic Autobiographical Performance.” 213–29.

Vareschi, Mark, and Mattie Burkert. “Archives, Numbers, Meaning: The Eighteenth-Century Playbill at Scale.” 597–613.


Birringer, Johannes. “Really Actually Windy: On Environments, Technologies, and Dividual Performances.” 633–47.

Graham-Jones, Jean. “Buenos Aires’s Indepen1dent Theatre Scene.” 249–60.

Mohler, Courtney Elkin, Christina McMahon, and David Román. “Three Readings of Reading, Pennsylvania: Approaching Lynn Nottage’s Sweat and Douglas Carter Beane’s Shows for Days.” 79–94.


Adolphsen, Paul. Born in the R.S.A. 109–11.

Anderson-Rabern, Rachel. The Extra People. 446–48.

Andes, Anna. Waste. 466–68.

Appler, Vivian. A Sudden Spontaneous Event. 461–63.

Bartley, Sean. Oklahoma! 97–98.

Birringer, Johannes. Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker. 633–47.

———. Naše nasilje i vaše nasilje. 633–47.

———. Really Actually Windy / R.A.W. Vol. 1. 633–47.

———. Until the Lions. 633–47.

———. Voronia. 633–47.

Boles, William C. Game. 105–8.

———. How to Hold Your Breath. 105–8.

Breaux, Shane. Shuffle Along, or the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed. 667–68.

Chirico, Miriam. Indecent. 281–83. [End Page 715]

Considine, Kerri Ann. Hand to God. 103–5.

Cook, Amy. Absent. 261–63.

Cornish, Matt. Stolpersteine Staatstheater. 665–67.

Dembin, Russell M. Alice’s Adventures Underground. 263–67.

———. Then She Fell. 263–67.

Earnest, Steve. The Brothers Karamazov. 468–69.

Edgecomb, Sean F. Cloud Nine. 273–75.

El Zein, Rayya. Where Can I Find Someone Like You, Ali? 291–92.

Essin, Christin. 10 Out of 12. 117–19.

Farfan, Penny. Pig Girl. 463–64.

Gillette, Kyle. Germinal. 443–46.

———. Yesterday Tomorrow. 443–46.

Graham-Jones, Jean. Dínamo. 249–60.

———. Invocación III: Brecht. 249–60.

———. Las Ideas. 249–60.

———. Mi Hijo Sólo Camina un Poco Más Lento. 249–60.

Grinenko, Aleksei. American Psycho. 669–70.

Higgins, Jeanmarie. The Glas Nocturne. 114–16.

Hollingshaus, Wade. iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE TOUR. 295–98.

———. Lese Majesty. 295–98.

———. Piece by Piece. 295–98.

Hopkins, Chandra Owenby. Edward Foote. 98–100.

Hunter, Lindsay Brandon. My One Demand. 116–17.

Innes, Paul. The Merry Wives. 664–65.

Juntunen, Jacob. ULICA 29: Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatrów Ulicznych. 656–59.

Kattwinkel, Susan. Paradise Interrupted. 100–103.

———. Romeo and Juliet. 100–103.

———. Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music: Songs of the American Right. 100–103.

Kozinn, Sarah. The Room. 448–50.

Kruger, Loren. Beyond Borders: Twenty...


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