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JULY 16, 2016, TO OCTOBER 15, 2016

Alighieri, Dante. 2016. Purgatorio. Translated by Stanley Lombardo. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company. $20.00 sc. 421 pp.
Bronte, Charlotte. 2016. Jane Eyre. Edited by Deborah Lutz. New York: W. W. Norton & Company. $12.00 sc. 544 pp.
Brouillette, Sarah. 2014. Literature and the Creative Economy. Stanford: Stanford University Press. $45.00 hc. 248 pp.
Cairns, Douglas. 2016. Sophocles: Antigone. London: Bloomsbury. $88.00 hc. $29.95 sc. 240 pp.
Calabrese, Michael. 2016. An Introduction to Piers Plowman. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. $79.95 hc. 355 pp.
Cederström, Carl and André Spicer. 2015. The Wellness Syndrome. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press. $18.00 sc. 163 pp.
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. 2016. Exemplary Novellas. Edited and translated by Michael Harney. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company. $25.00 sc. 512 pp.
Chester, Deborah. 2016. The Fantasy Fiction Formula. Manchester: Manchester University Press. $19.95 sc. 322 pp.
Coleman, James W. 2016. Understanding Edward P. Jones. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. $39.99 hc. 124 pp.
Dalleo, Raphael. 2016. Bourdieu and Postcolonial Studies. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. $120.00 hc. 221 pp.
Davies, William. 2015. The Happiness Industry. Brooklyn, NY: Verso. $26.95 hc. 314 pp.
Dickens, Charles. 2017. Hard Times. Edited by Fred Kaplan. New York: W. W. Norton & Company. $14.50 sc. 496 pp.
Elder, Robert K., Aaron Vetch, and Mark Cirino. 2016. Hidden Hemingway: Inside the Ernest Hemingway Archives of Oak Park. Kent, OH: The Kent State University Press. $39.95 hc. 230 pp.
Ellis, David. 2015. Love & Sex in D.H. Lawrence. Clemson, SC: Clemson University Press. $110.00 hc. 196 pp.
Engel, William E., Rory Loughnane, and Grant Williams. 2016. The Memory Arts in Renaissance England. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. $28.99 sc. 377 pp.
Fear-Segal, Jacqueline and Susan D. Rose. 2016. Carlisle Indian Industrial School. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. $70.00 hc. 398 pp.
Fudge, Bruce. 2016. A Hundred and One Nights. New York: New York University Press. $35.00 hc. 416 pp.
Ganguly, Debjani. 2016. This Thing Called the World. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $26.95 sc. 300 pp. [End Page 129]
Harris, Donal. 2016. On Company Time. Chichester, NY: Columbia University Press. $60.00 hc. 304 pp.
Inge, M. Thomas. 2016. The Dixie Limited: Writers on William Faulkner and His Influence. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. $65.00 hc. 317 pp.
Johnston, David Jhave. 2016. Aesthetic Animism: Digital Poetry’s Ontological Implications. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. $40.00 hc. 275 pp.
Keesey, Douglas. 2016. Understanding Chuck Palahniuk. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. $39.99 hc. 160 pp.
Kesson, Andy. 2011. John Lyly and Early Modern Authorship. Manchester: Manchester University Press. $24.95 sc. 256 pp.
Lenz, Christian. 2016. Geographies of Love: The Cultural Spaces of Romance in Chick- and Ladlit. Bielefeld: Transcript-Verlag. $45.00 sc. 356 pp.
MacDonnell, Kevin & R. Kent Rasmussen. 2016. Mark Twain and Youth: Studies in His Life and Writings. London: Bloomsbury. $114.00 hc. $29.95 sc. 313 pp.
Mallipeddi, Ramesh. 2016. Spectacular Suffering. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press. $49.50 hc. 265 pp.
Modern Language Association of America. 2016. MLA Handbook Eighth Edition. New York: The Modern Language Association of America. $12.00 sc. 146 pp.
Moseley, Merritt. 2016. Understanding Jonathan Coe. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. $39.99 hc. 135 pp.
Newman, Michael. 2016. Six Authors in Search of Justice. New York: Oxford University Press. $35.00 hc. 256 pp.
Onfray, Michel. 2015. A Hedonist Manifesto. Translated by Joseph McClellan. Chichester, NY: Columbia University Press. $35.00 hc. 164 pp.
Reber, Dierdra. 2016. Coming to our Senses. Chichester, NY: Columbia University Press. $60.00 hc. 368 pp.
Roberts, Jane. 2015. Guide to Scripts Used in English Writings Up to 1500. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. $49.95 sc. 294 pp.
Santa Ana, Jeffrey. 2015. Racial Feelings: Asian America in a Capitalist Culture of Emotion. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. $28.95 sc. 272 pp.
Scully, Robert. 2016. A Scarlet Pansy. New York: Fordham University Press. $90.00 hc. $19.95 sc. 220 pp.
Shakespeare, William. 2016. King Henry IV Part 2. Edited by James C. Bulman. London: Bloomsbury. $13.00 sc. 552 pp...


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