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  • A Continuing Checklist of Shaviana
  • Gustavo A. Rodríguez Martín1 (bio)

1. Works by Shaw

1.1 New Editions and Reprints

  • Conolly, Leonard, ed. The Critical Shaw Series. New York: RosettaBooks, 2016. The Critical Shaw series, under the general editorship of L. W. Conolly, brings together Bernard Shaw’s writings on topics that exercised him for the whole of his professional career in five volumes: politics, religion, music, theater, and literature. Reviewed in this issue

  • ———, ed. The Critical Shaw: On Politics. New York: RosettaBooks, 2016. A selection of Shaw’s opinions on political movements, ideologies, and events that helped shape the landscape of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

  • Davies, W. H. Autobiografía de un súper vagabundo; prefacio de George Bernard Shaw [Spanish translation of The Autobiography of a Supertramp, with a preface by George Bernard Shaw. Trans. by Susana Prieto Mori]. Madrid: Defausta, 2016.

  • Galliou, Patrick, ed. Correspondance George Bernard Shaw—Augustin Hamon: III—Le bout du chemin (1926–1950). Brest: Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique, 2014. Reviewed in this issue.

  • Hadfield, D. A., ed. The Critical Shaw: On Theater. New York: Rosetta-Books, 2016. A selection of essays and addresses about drama and theater. [End Page 339]

  • Innes, Christopher D., and Brigitte Bogar, eds. The Critical Shaw: On Music. New York: RosettaBooks, 2016. A selection of Shaw’s extensive writings on a wide range of musical topics.

  • Pharand, Michel, ed. The Critical Shaw: On Religion. New York: Rosetta-Books, 2016. A selection of Shaw’s pronouncements—many of them deliberately inflammatory—on all facets of religion and belief.

  • Rodríguez Martín, Gustavo A., ed. The Critical Shaw: On Literature. New York: RosettaBooks, 2016. A selection of Shaw’s ideas and opinions on a wide range of literature, from Shakespearean drama to ghost stories, from naturalist novels to philosophical essays.

  • Shaw, Bernard. “Six Fabian Lectures on Redistribution of Income.” SHAW: The Journal of Bernard Shaw Studies 36, no. 1 (2016): 10–52. Introduction and notes by Peter Gahan.

  • ———. A Speech Introducing Albert Einstein: With an introduction & five etchings by Joseph Goldyne. Rockport: Two Ponds Press, 2015. The publisher’s website has photos of the etchings illustrating the book.

  • ———. Pigmalión [Spanish translation of Pygmalion by Miguel Cisneros Perales]. Madrid: Cátedra, 2016.

  • ———. Pygmalion. Sweden: Wisehouse Publishing, 2016.

  • ———. Uomo e superuomo: commedia e filosofía [Italian translation of Man and Superman]. Milan: Ghibli, 2016.

  • ———. 真相, 是世上最荒誕的笑話: 蕭伯納精言集 = Wisdom & inspirational sayings of George Bernard Shaw [Chinese translation of selected Shaw quotations by 謝孟璇 (Xie Mengxuan) 新北市: 八旗文化 [New Taipei: Cultural Banners], 2015.

  • Shaw, Marie P., and Thommy Berggren, eds. Candida: ett mysterium i tre akter [Swedish translation of Candida]. Stockholm: Stockholms stadsteater, 2014.

1.2 Digitized Editions Available Online2

  • London School of Economics. “Fabian Society and Young Fabians.” The LSE Digital Library has made available their archival material of the Fabian Society. This includes the Fabian Tracts from the foundation of the Fabian Society to the present day, as well as pamphlets and minute books. Shaw is the author of several of these items, and one can even study his attendance at meetings and the motions he carried by reading the minute books. Navigation is intuitive and items are arranged chronologically within subsections. Available at [End Page 340]

  • National Library of Russia ( Searching for “Bernard Shaw” retrieves hundreds of library records (mostly in English, Russian, and French)—both editions of Shaw’s works and critical scholarship. Many of these are available online, although the interface in Russian may deter some. Many web browsers, however, provide decent translations on the spot, which is usually enough to view the item in question. It is worth noting how much scholarship in Russian there is (and some of it fairly recent).

  • Other online resources containing digitized editions of Shaw’s works from earlier issues (2015) include: The Internet Archive (, Digital Library of India (now also at and with a more user-friendly interface), Domínio Público (, Haititrust (, The Online Books Page (, Open Library (, and Project Gutenberg, (

2. Books, Journals, and Pamphlets

  • Adams, Matthew...


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