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RecentPublications Relating toCanada PREPARED IN THE EDITORIAL OFFICE OF UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS BY DOUGLAS MACDONALD Noticein thisbibliography doesnot precludea later review;TBRfollowingan entry indicates a reviewalreadyin preparation. See also Canadians,a monthly list of Canadianpublications preparedby the NationalLibrary,Ottawa;ExternalAffairs,published monthlyby the Departmentof ExternalAffairs;.[ournaloI½the Parliaments o! the Commonwealth, issued quarterly by theGeneralCouncilof theCommonwealth Parliamentary Association; and,in the University o[ TorontoQuarterly,'Lettersin Canada,'published in theJuly issue. Sections of the bibliography omittedfrom this issuefor reasons of spacewill be included in later issues. I CANADA'S COMMONWEALTH AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOTHWELL, ROBERT. Canadaandthe Worldin the Seventies. CurrentHistory,Lxa, 368,April I97•, I94-7, øI3-• C•RLTON, DAVm. The Dominions andBritishPolicyin theAbyssinian Crisis..[ournal of Imperial andCommonwealth History,z, I, Oct. I97•, 59-78 CUFF, Ra•. andJ.L.O•NATSTELZ½. Canada andthePerilsof 'Exemptionalism.' Queen's Quarterly, Lxxrx, 4,winterI97•, 473-8I. Canadian-American economic relations OOODWIN, CRAUFUP-O D.Canadian-American Relations in Perspective. CurrentHistory, tam,368,April I97•, I77-8o, •I6-I7 ILLER•RUN, W.I. A Selective Survey ofCanadian-Hawaiian Relations. Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Lxm,3, July i97•, 87-io3 MUNRO, JOVrN A.,ed.Documents onCanadian External Relations/Documents ReIatifs aux RelationsExt•rieuresdu Canada.xa: •936-x939. Ottawa, InformationCanada, I97•. Pp.cxlvi,I33•, illus.$I5.OO. TIeR 234 THE CANADIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW PHta•ND,•ON,•T.The Continental ShelfRedefruition, with Special Reference to the Arctic.McGill Law Journal, xvm,4, Dec. x972,536-59 POTHOLM, CHRISTIAN P. At the Interface: Canadaand the United Statesin the Seventies. CurrentHistory,LX•X, 368,April •972, xSx-4, TAMCmSA, voasva. In Search of Common Causes: The ImperialConference of x937. Journalo[Imperial andCommonwealth History,x,•, Oct. x972 , 7o-xo6 w•z•.m, max,, ed.China:An Introduction [or Canadians. Toronto,PeterMartin, x973. Pp.xiv,x76,illus.$8.95cloth, $3.95paper. II HISTORY OF CANADA General ARTItUR, ERIC R.and DUDLEY W1TNEY. The Barn:A Vanishing Landmarkin North America.Toronto,McClelland& Stewart,•97•. $•5.oo l•oma•.•, cz•tmv.. Bulletin historique: propos star l'histoire duCanada. RevueHistorique. CeXLVXI, jan.-mars •97•, ••7-3•. ReportonCanadian historical writing LOW•, .I.A.Canada:An OutlineHistory.Revised edition.Toronto,NewYork,London, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, •, •8o,maps. $3.5 øpaper MOl•l•Ea•r, SA•tYEL v..The Americanization o[ Canada.Introductionby mtxt,• smwH. SocialHistoryof Canada.Toronto,University of TorontoPress, x97•.Pp. xxxii, x24.$xo.oo doth,$3.5 opaper New France and Acadia BEDWELL, STEPHEN r. 'Grassy Island': The Forgotten Springboard to Louisburg. NovaScotiaHistoricalQuarterly,n,4, Dec. •97•, 3•5-4o eA•Vm•U,zooraN.La PremiJremission des]dsuites enNouvelle-France (•6• •-•6•3) et LesCommencements du Coll•gede Qudbec(•6•6-x67o). Cahiersd'histoire des J•suites no•. Montreal, LesEditions Bellarmin•97•. Pp. •8, carte,illin. $3.00 CL•L•m, CHta•LZS Z.l•tude comparative des r•sidus d'animaux dans lesd•potoirs franqais et britanniques du fort Michillimackinac:&udedel'•volutiondesmodes desubsistante. Lieuxhistoriques canadiens, no3, •97•, 7-•3 corxE•r, ao•r^• •. NewEngland andNewFrance,•632-x65•: ExternalRelations and InternalDisagreements among thePuritans. Essex InstituteHistoricalCollections, cv•, 3, July x97•, •5•-7• OOtaLt)X•m, STU^X•T •. NewFrance Preserved. HistoryToday,xxn,9, Sept.x97e,635-43. An account of theFrench-Iroquois conflict LEg, •AVm. LesFrancais enGaspSsic, de x534& x76o. Lieuxhistoriques canadiens, no3, •97•, 27 -68 aO•DS,JA•zS •. The European Indian: JesuitCivilizationPlanningin New France. Church History,xz•, Sept.x97• x•vmE,., •A•eEZ.TheBeginnings ofNewFrance•5•,4-•663.Translated byVAa•Ue• ezaxroN.Canadian Centenary Series. Toronto, McClelland andStewart,•973. Pp.xii,323,maps, illus.$x•.5o.• RECENT PUBLICATIONS RELATING TO CANADA 235 BritishNorth Americabefore•867 .•DR•, JoaN.In[ant TorontoasSimcoe's Folly. Toronto,CentennialPress,•97•. $5.oo.AvailablefromPublisher, •,oBox57, Toronto14 .. AUCI{INLECK, (•I/..BERT. The War o[ zSz•.Toronto,Pendragon, I972. $'2.95 BOWN,W^X.X•CE. Escape fromtheRepublic:The Dispersal of theAmerican Loyalists. HistoryToday,xxa, 2, Feb.•972, - William Cobbettin North America.HistoryToday,xxn, •o, Oct. •972, 685-9• BURNa,•,•, X-XtmO,-n •,.andDOROXaY Xr.'Keepmewarmonenight':Early handweaving in Eastern Canada.Toronto,University of TorontoPress, •972. $25.oo BUR•OUOaS, •'ETER. The CanadianCrisisandBritishColonialPolicy,. •8•8-•84•. Toronto, Macmillan, •973.PP.I2o.$5.95cloth,$2.95paper. TBR czam•cE, joaN. Documentary andmapsources for reconstructing the historyof the reserved landsin theWestern Districtof UpperCanada.CanadianCartographer...


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