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CONTRIBUTORS JULES BRODY, Associate Dean, Queens College of the City University of New York; Boileau and Longinus (1958); A Critical Bibliography of French Literature. Vol. 3: The 17th Century (1961); editor of French Classicism: A Critical Miscelkmy (1966) PHILIP PINKUS, Associate Professor of English, University of British Columbia ; editor of Jonathan Swift. A Selection of his Works (1965); editor of (A,lIi".r's Travels (1968); Grub Street Stripped Bare (1968) PHILIP STEVICK, Professor of English, Temple University; editor of Theory of the Novel (1967) PAUL K. ALKON, Assistant Professor of English, University of California; author of Samuel Johnson and Moral Discipline (1967) T. B. IRVING, Professor of Spanish, University of Guelph; co-author of Paisjes del Stir (1954) ; Selections from the Noble Reading MARIO J. VALDES, Associate Professor of Italian and Hispanic Studies; Death in the Literature of Unamuno (1964); editor of Niehla (1968) F. E. L. PRIESTLEY, Professor of English, University of Toronto; editor of H/illiam Godwin: Enquiry Concerning Political Justice; The Humanities in Canada (1964) ...


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