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  • Resolutions of the Seventy-Sixth Annual Meeting Lake Tahoe, California

Whereas, the Geography Department at California State University, Sacramento at this seventy-sixth meeting of the APCG, has elevated the standards of hospitality and organization to a new level, and

Whereas, the cheerful attention to detail by conference organizer Michael Schmandt, the diligence of program coordinators Dan Arreola and Jim Keese, the energetic enthusiasm by field-trip organizer Debra Sharkey, and a multitude of student wranglers from Sac State are recognized for their impressive efforts at event planning and hospitality, and

Whereas, nevertheless, the newly formed Resolutions Committee will now disseminate data secretly gathered by our village informants, and

Whereas, the meeting was nearly delayed due to APCG Listserve traffic, and

Whereas, Michael Schmandt hosted a conference for 200 people and copiously expressed gratitude to 211, by delivering at the BBQ the APCG’s most thoroughgoing “thanks”—extending for fully twenty-three minutes nineteen seconds, and

Whereas, the new official fruit of the APCG shall heretofore be designated the wild apricot, the official uniform the lederhosen, and the official flower edelweiss, and

Whereas, the new method of attention getting in a crowd includes breaking decorative centerpieces with a butter knife, as demonstrated by Vice President Sriram Khe, and

Whereas, geography has influenced the APCG to bring new gender awareness to the public through the renaming of Ironman to Iron Person, and

Whereas, an infinite appreciation is owed to the architects of the Village at Squaw Creek. If the above-ground wayfinding situation were not confusing enough, the first approach for most of us was via a parking garage that was roughly the length of thirty-two Olympic swimming pools, and

Whereas, it has been determined that APCG attendees will depart the conference with enlarged hippocampi, having spent hours navigating the conference site, and [End Page 150]

Whereas, to Les Rowntree goes the best hair and greatest stamina award for a past APCG president (recognizing that “best hair” can’t go to a serving president, so Michael Schmandt is ineligible), and

Whereas, on the Granite Chief hike, spatially challenged field guide and participants found it necessary to bushwhack back to the trail, thus obeying the presidential decree by Michael Schmandt for geographers to use their eyes and feet, and

Whereas, the attentive president of the APCG opens the organization to scrutiny by drug enforcement agents by encouraging students to go to the “high” camp, to get high, and

Whereas, participants of the Tahoe in a Day tour were confused to note that the strict code of conduct of Squaw Village, which prohibits abandoning trash and dog scat on the grounds, does not apparently extend to surrounding lake habitat, and

Whereas, Stanislaus students braved the frigid Truckee River in their bare feet, floated oranges to measure stream flow, and, in the absence of affordable food in the region, resorted to eating their field equipment, and

Whereas, a three-hour tour turned into a fateful trip, that started on a Tahoe shore aboard a research ship. The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was docked. If not for the courage of Captain Les, the field trip would be lost, and

Whereas, finally, and in truth,

Therefore, be it resolved that we leave you with a riddle: What is six degrees of separation from the thirty-eighth parallel? We look forward to seeing you there.

Respectfully submitted,
2013 APCG Resolutions Committee

Jennifer Helzer
Jacque Chase
Alison, McNally
Rheyna Laney
Suzanne Weschler [End Page 151]