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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE EDWARD DuNCAN is on the staff of the T. Eaton Company in Winnipeg. Like his subject, James Joyce, he lived as a young man in Dublin and includes theology and medieval philosophy among his major interests. CHARLES W. DuNN is Assistant Professor of English in University College. THOMAS A. GounoE is Professor of Philosophy in the University. joYCE HEMLOW is Assistant Professor of English in McGill University. JoHN C. LAPP is Associate Professor of Romance Languages at Oberlin College. L. E. M. LYNCH is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in St. Michael's College. H. M. MaLuHAN is Professor of English in St. Michael's College. RoBERT McRAE is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the University. EsDRAs MINVJLLE is Dean of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes commerciales, Montreal. His article here published was presented, in an earlier form, as a lecture in University College. DEsMOND PACEYJ Professor of English in the University of New Brunswick, js the author of a study of Frederick Philip Grove and the editor of A Book of Canadian Stories. M. H. ScARGILL, of the English Department in the University of Alberta, has edited Folk Tales from Iceland (1942) and Yorkshire Lyrics (1946). LEONID I. STRAKHOVSKY was Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Slavic Studies in the University during the Autumn Term. H. L. STEWART is Pr-ofessor of Philosophy at Dalhousie University. W. S. WALLACE is Librarian of the University. H. S. WrLSON, Associate Professor of English in University College, is on leave of absence for the present session, to engage in research at the Huntington Library. A. S. P. WoomrousE, Professor of English in University College and for many years editor of the QuarterlyJ needs no introduction to our readers. ...


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