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Notes on Contributors RATAYOUN CHAMANY ÍS A ssociate Professor ofBiologyat The New School, where she teaches courses on biotech­ nology, cell biology, genetics, and global health. Her scholarlywork lies in the development ofcurricula that incorpo­ rate issues ofinequity and structural violence using a critical pedagogy. d r . J o s e p h j. FrNS is the E.William Davis,Jr. M. D. Professor ofMedical Ethics, Attending Physician, and Chief ofMedical Ethics at Weill Cornell Medical College, where he is Professor of Medicine, Professor ofPublic Health, and ProfessorofMedicine in Psychiatry. d a vtd g a r l a n d is a Professor of Sociologyand Lawat NewYork University. His books include the prizewinningPunishmentandModemSociety : A StudyinSocialTheory(1993) and The CultureofControl: CrimeandSocialOrderin ContemporarySociety(2001). M ic h e le g o o d w i n is the Everett Fraser Professor ofLawat the University of Minnesota, where she also holdsjoint appointments in the Schools ofMedicine and Public Health. Professor Goodwin writes about law, culture, and biotech­ nologies. DAVID h im m e l s t e in is a Professor of Public Health at CityUniversity ofNew Yorkand author ofover 100 publications on health policy. He is also a Visiting Professor ofMedicine at Harvard Medical School. pa u l w. kahn is RobertW.Winner Professor ofLawand the Humanities and Director ofthe Orville H. Schell,Jr. Center for Human Rights atYale Law School. His publications include Political Theology:FourNewChaptersonthe Conceptof Sovereignty(2011). THOMAS WALTER LAQUEUR is Helen Fawcett Professor ofHistoiy at the University ofCalifornia. His writings about the dead include “The Dead Body and Human Rights” in TheBody (Eds. Sweeny and Hodder, 2002). He is currently completing a book to be titled TheWorkoftheDead. prLARo sso rio is Associate Professor of Law and Bioethics at the Universityof Wisconsin, and the inaugural Bioethics Scholar-in-Residence at the Morgridge Institute for Research. a d r ia n a p e t r y n a is EdmundJ. and LouiseW. KahnTerm Professor in Anthropologyat the University of Pennsylvania. Her book, WhenExperiments Travel: ClinicalTrialsand theGlobalSearchfor HumanSubjects (2009), explores patient protections in the context ofglobal clini­ cal trials. KAUSHIK SUNDER RAJAN is Associate Professor ofAnthropology at the University ofChicago. His publications include the editedvolume LivelyCapital: Biotechnologies, Ethicsand Governancein GlobalMarkets(2012). r a y n a r a p p is Professor ofAnthropology at NewYorkUniversity. With anthro­ pologist Faye Ginsburg, she is currently researching cultural innovation in special education as it braids together science, medicine, media, education, and family life together. r e n a t a sa l e c l is a philosopher and soci­ ologist working as a Senior Researcher at the Institute ofCriminology at the Faculty ofLawin Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her books include (Per)VersionsofLoveandHate (1998), OnAnxiety(2004) and Ounce(2010). n a n c y s c h e p e r -h u g h e s directs the doctoraltraining program in medi­ cal anthropology at the University of California at Berkeley. As director of Organs Watch, she has conducted ethno­ graphic and human rights-oriented research on human trafficking in human bodies, dead and alive. a n n s n it o w is Director ofthe Gender Studies Program at the New School and cofounder ofthe Network ofEast-West Women. Her recentwriting and political work is about the changing situation of women in Eastern Europe. d r . a l e x a n d r a s u p p e s is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Division ofMedical Ethics at Weill Cornell Medical College, where she is studying language use during social support in the context of families ofpatients with brain injuiy. c a r o l e s. v a n c e teaches anthropology, sexuality, and human rights at Columbia University. Herpublications include PleasureandDanger: ExploringFemale Sexuality(1993) and “ThinkingTrafficking, Thinking Sex” (inGLQ, 2011). St e p h a n ie w o o l h a n d l e r is a Professor ofPublic Health at the CityUniversity ofNewYork. Togetherwith Dr. Himmelstein, she cofounded Physicians for a National Health Program, which advocates singlepayer national health insurance for the United States. ...


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