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Index toVolumeXXIX Compiled By Kate Boyes Number 1 (May 1994) 1-96 Number 3 (November 1994) 193-288 Number 2 (August 1994) 97-192 Number 4 (February 1995) 289-400 -A- “A. B. Guthrie’s Additions to Shane," by Thomas W. Ford, 299 Account: Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s Relación, 147 Ace ofHearts: The Westerns ofZane Grey, 347 Across the Layers: Poems Old and New, 170 Acts of Discovery: Visions of America in the Lewis and ClarkJournals, 80 Airlift: Short Stories, 164 Albertini, Virgil R., “Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Litera­ ture,”305 Alcock,John, 390 Alexie, Sherman, 277 “‘All Growed Up’ in the True West, or Huck and Tom Meet Sam Shepard,”by Suzy Clarkson Holstein, 41 All My Relatives: Community in Contemporary Ethnic American Literatures, 177 All That Matters: The Texas Plains in Photo­ graphs and Poems, 283 Allen, Paula Gunn, ed., 348 Almon, Bert, ‘Jeanne D’Orge, Carmel, and Point Lobos,”239 American Iconology: New Approaches to Nine­ teenth-Century Art and Literature, 380 Andrews, Tom, ed., 378 Ann Zwinger, 69 “Annual Bibliography of Studies in West­ ern American Literature,” by Virgil R. Albertini, 305 Armitage, Shelley, 69 Assembling California, 79 Autobiography ofJohn C. VanDyke:.4Personal Narrative ofAmerican Life, 1861-1931, 78 -BBacktracking : Ancient Art of Southern Idaho, 359 Ballad ofRocky Ruiz, 353 Baxter, Andrea-bess, (essay review of Old Shirts & New Skins, First Indian on the Moon, and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven), 277 Becker, Lloyd, (essay review of Pomona Queen)_ , 153 Beckham, Stephen Dow, 92 Begiebing, RobertJ., ed., 282 394 WesternAmerican Literature Benson,JacksonJ., “Finding aVoice of His Own: The Story of Wallace Stegner’s Fiction,”99 Bergon, Frank, 352 Biophilia Hypothesis, 371 Black Riders and OtherPoems, 172 Blackburn, Alexander, “A Western Renais­ sance,”51 Blood Trails, 65 Bloodlines: Odyssey ofa Native Daughter, 358 Boyer,Jay, 69 “‘Breath Vibrating Behind It’:Intimacy in the Storytelling of Antonia Shimerda,” by Evelyn I. Funda, 195 Bright Angels and Familiars: Contemporary Mormon Stories, 354 Bright, William, ed., 71 Brokenleg, Martin, 360 Brown, Dee, 87 Bryant, Paul T., (essay review of Killing Seasons, Kingdom ofLost Waters, Theory of Twilight, and Earth’sEye), 273 Bucco, Martin, 387 Buckley, Christopher, 343 - O Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nunez, 147 “California Dreamin’:The Significance of ‘A Coupla Acres’ in Steinbeck’s OfMice and Men," byjohn L. Marsden, 291 Careless Weeds: Six Texas Novellas, 385 Carlin, Deborah, 74 Carroll, Maureen P., ed., 179 Casebook on Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, 346 Gather, Canon, and thePolitics ofReading, 74 Cather, Willa, 345 Child ofthe Holy Ghost, 388 Clark, H.Jackson, 356 Climbing Back, 90 Cokinos, Christopher, 273 Coleman,Jane Candia, 164, 349 Coming to Grips with Huckleberry Finn.- Es­ says on a Book, a Boy, and a Man, 182 Complete Short Stories ofJack London, 181 Conley, Cort, 375 Conley, RobertJ., 159, 160 Counting Sheep: Twenty Ways ofSeeingDesert Bighorn, 184 CoyoteReader, 71 Crazyfor Living, 171 CriticalEssays on Robert Bly, 339 Critical Essays on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, 76 Crook, Elizabeth, 370 Crossing Wyoming, 367 -D Danker , Kathleen, ed., 345 Dark Matter, 343 Dark Way, 160 David, Gary, 84 Davidson, Margaret García, (essay review of Recovering the U. S. Hispanic Literary Heritage, Reconstructing a Chicano/a Liter­ ary Heritage: Hispanic Colonial Literature ofthe Southwest, Infinite Divisions: An An­ thology of Chicana Literature, TheAccount: Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca’s Relacion, and The Squatter and theDon) ,147 Davis, William V., ed., 339 Dawson, Robert, 377 de Longchamps,Joanne, 350 Deamer, Robert Glen, 172 Death ofBernadetteLefthand, 167 DecadeII:A Twentieth AnniversaryAnthology, 174 Deloria, Vine,Jr., ed., 336 Derounian-Stodola, Kathryn Zabelle, 180 DiscoveringEve, 164 Dodds, Gordon R., ed., 382 Dofflemyer,John C., 65 Dooley, Patrick K., 75 Dorris, Michael, 157 Drifting through AncestorDreams, 83 Duane, Daniel, 383 -EEarth 'sEye, 273 Easton, Robert O., 161 EcologicalLiteracy: Education and the Transi­ tion to a Postmodern World, 77 Ehrlich, Gretel, 391 Elmer Kelton Country: The Short Nonfiction of a Texas Novelist, 365 Encounter with an Angry God: Recollections of My Life withfohn Peabody Harrington, 188 Engel, Len, “Rewriting Western Myths in Index 395 Clint Eastwood’s New ‘Old Western’,” 261 England, Eugene, ed., 354 Erdrich, Louise, 379 Everson...


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