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Bulletin of the History of Medicine 78.1 (2004) ix-x

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Instructions for Authors

The journal publishes articles spanning the social, cultural, and scientific aspects of the history of medicine worldwide. Articles are based on historical research in primary sources that allow the author to make interpretations and to place the story in historical context.

The Bulletin does not publish material that is available elsewhere at the time of its publication in the journal, nor material for which we must acknowledge permission from another publisher. We regularly publish articles that later appear as chapters in books, but the journal and its publisher hold the copyright, and the book publisher obtains permission to reprint. Publication of the journal article must antedate publication of the book.

Conflict of interest: Authors are responsible for informing the editors of any funding they have received that is related to their articles.

Preparing Your Manuscript: General Guidelines

  • Please send two copies of the manuscript to the editorial office. You will need to provide a disk only when the manuscript is accepted for publication.
  • Please identify yourself only on a detachable cover sheet, as the Bulletin's reviews are double blind.

Summary and Key Words

Please provide a summary of your article (100-200 words), with 4 to 8 key words for indexing purposes.


  • Double space everything: text, notes, and quotations.
  • Use underlining rather than the italic font. Don't use bold type. Use the same type size and font for all material, including notes and block quotations.
  • Quotations of more than six typed lines should be indented from the left margin and typed in a block format (double-spaced).
  • Every quotation should be fully documented according to Bulletin style (see below, "Notes"). Very important: The Bulletin prefers to identify the source of each separate quotation with its own note; please do not "bundle" citations into a single note at the end of the paragraph.
  • Dates should be in the form "17 April 1798."
  • To answer questions about style and usage in the Bulletin, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition).


  • Use endnotes, not footnotes. Although the printed journal contains footnotes, at this stage endnotes are required.
  • Number notes sequentially; do not re-use the same note number later in the text. Indicate notes by superscript numbers in the text.
  • Acknowledgments should appear in an unnumbered note preceding note 1.
  • Document fully. The responsibility for accurate documentation lies with the author. For books and journals, follow the Bulletin style given below; for [End Page ix] more complex references, see the Chicago Manual of Style. In general, give as much information as possible if you are unsure of the format; excessive detail can always be deleted, but it is difficult for the editorial office to supply details not provided by the author.

Please be sure to provide:

Full first names and middle initial(s) for authors and editors
Subtitles of books and articles
Full names of foreign journals cited
The name of the publisher for books published after 1900
For newspaper articles, the author, title of article, and page numbers if available.
Exact and inclusive page numbers for all quotations
The second and succeeding citations of references should refer back to the first full citation.


Alain Corbin, The Foul and the Fragrant: Odor and the French Social Imagination, trans. Miriam L. Kochan (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1986), pp. 10-12. [This is the standard Bulletin style for citation of books.]Francis H. Davenport, "Some Gynecological Cases Treated by the Faradic Current," Boston Med. Surg. J., 1988, 119: 397. [This is the standard Bulletin style for citation of journals.]Walsh McDermott, "Evaluating the Physician and His Technology," in Doing Better and Feeling Worse, ed. John H. Knowles (New York: W. W. Norton, 1979), p. 143.Corbin, Foul and Fragrant (n. 1), p. 11.Maria R. Audubon, ed., Audubon and His Journals, 2 vols. (New York, 1897; reprint, New York: Dover, 1960), 2: 42-48."One Malady Casts Out Another," New York Times, 7 July 1925, p. 18, col. 5.


Tables and charts may be submitted as computer files...


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