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relating the film material and inquiries should be made to: Project Director, Slade Film History Register , 20 Flaxman Terrace, London W.C. 1 . LETTERS To the Editors: Really, another fine issue of Film & History. Very stimulating. As the authors aren't on the usual ego trips, thejournal is accomplishing what it should; informing all of us who are interested in the subjectjust what is going on elsewhere. One suggestion: in the appropriate places wouldn't it be a good thing to tell us where we might purchase or rent (or otherwise find) the films mentioned? I am thinking particularly ofthe "films for classroom" section. Maybe not. One can always write to the person suggesting the film—but this is a bit of a burden. Paul J. Vanderwood California State University, San Diego Reply: Professor Vanderwood raises a goodpoint. Ourpolicy regarding sources offilm rental is that mostfilms are availablefrom several universities orfirms, and that to specify one would be incorrect We suggest that the person seeking to rent or borrow explore several university and commercialfilm catalogues tofind the most convenient and least expensive source, Ifafilm is availablefrom only one source, we hope the reviewer will so indicate in the body ofhis review as, for instance the review in this issue of What 80 Million Women Want. We're gratefulfor the kind remarks about Film & History and (we 'Il try to maintain the high standards, the membership can help by spreading the word about the Committee and thejournal, and by continuing to, send in articles, reviews and syllabi. 100 ...


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