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  • Index to Volume 105

The Index exhibits separately: (I) Contributors; (II) Contents, arranged with reference to the main types of material appearing in the journal. Certain conventions, e.g., that of indicating reviewers by enclosing their names in parentheses immediately after the designation of books reviewed, will be familiar from earlier volumes. Reviews are regularly listed by name of modern author, editor, translator, etc.; (III) Advertisers.

I. Contributors

P. Asso, 271; A. Augoustakis, 282.

M. Beckwith, 558; K. Beerden, 227; W. M. Bloomer, 109; L. Bravi, 562; C. Bungard, 443.

J. P. Christensen, 147; N. Coffee, 255; J. Connolly, 144; E. Cook, 139.

J. W. Day, 556; J. P. Dexter 39; M. T. Dinter, 555; L. E. Doherty, 557; D. Dutsch, 187; A. R. Dyck, 281.

R. G. Edmonds III, 280.

J. H. Gaisser, 140; A. Glazebrook, 497.

J. P. Hallett, 551; J. Hanink, 563; E. M. Harris, 561; N. Holzberg, 278.

S. Jensen, 479; W. Johnson, 471.

M. Kahlos, 525; C. Keesling, 553; P. T. Keyser, 146; D. Konstan, 560; D. Kutzko, 152.

D. La Londe, 149; J. B. Lidov, 272; R. Lamberton, 564; P. Lautner, 569.

G. Th. Mavrogordatos, 3; A. Melchior, 277; A. Monson, 143.

P. O’Sullivan, 167.

G. Patten, 283; R. J. Penella, 77; I. Petrovic, 154; M. Pierce, 566; S. B. Pomeroy, 551; D. Porter, 549.

J. L. Ready, 275; A. Richlin, 91; J. Romm, 151; N. Rosenstein, 276.

D. Sansone, 274; E. Scharffenberger, 567; S. Scully, 150; J. L. Sebesta, 299; R. G. Sellers, 237; J. F. Siegel, 351; M. Silver, 199; A. Sommerstein, 25.

R. F. Thomas, 142.

D. Wolfsdorf, 57.

II.1 Articles, Surveys, Scholia, Paedagogus

K. Beerden: Roman dolia and the Fattening of Dormice: 227.

W. M. Bloomer: Quintilian on the Child as a Learning Subject: 109.

C. Bungard: Reconsidering Zeus’ Order: The Reconciliation of Apollo and Hermes: 443

N. Coffee: Active Latin: Quo Tendimus?: 255.

J. P. Dexter: A Nineteenth-Century American Interpretation of the Aeneid: 39.

D. Dutsch: Genre, Gender, and Suicide Threats in Roman Comedy: 187.

A. Glazebrook: Prostitutes, Plonk, and Play: Female Banqueters on a Red-figure Psykter from the Hermitage: 497

S. R. Jensen: Tribute and Syntely at Erythrai: 479

W. Johnson: Cicero and Tyrannio: Mens addita videtur meis aedibus (Ad Atticum IV.8.2): 471

Maijastina Kahlos: Pagan-Christian Debates over the Interpretation of Texts in Late Antiquity: 525

G. Th. Mavrogordatos: Two Puzzles Involving Socrates: 3.

P. O’Sullivan: Sophistic Ethics, Old Atheism, and “Critias” on Religion: 167.

R. J. Penella: The Progymnasmata in Imperial Greek Education: 77.

A. Richlin: Old Boys: Teacher–Student Bonding in Roman Oratory: 91. [End Page 589]

R. G. Sellers: Latin Teachers in Film: 237.

J. L. Sebesta: Textbooks in Greek and Latin: 299.

J. F. Siegel: Audio-Visual Materials in Classics: 351.

M. Silver: The Plague under Commodus as an Unintended Consequence of Roman Grain Market Regulation: 199.

A. Sommerstein: Hinc Omnis Pendet? Old Comedy and Roman Satire: 25.

D. Wolfsdorf: Plato’s Conception of Knowledge: 57.

II.2 Reviews

C. Adams, Land Transport in Roman Egypt: A Study of Economics and Administration in a Roman Province. (A. Monson) 143.

P. Asso, A Commentary on Lucan, De Bello Civili IV: Introduction, Edition, and Translation. (M. T. Dinter) 555.

E. T. E. Barker, Entering the Agon: Dissent and Authority in Homer, Historiography and Tragedy. (E. Cook) 139.

R. Beekes, Etymological Dictionary of Greek. (M. Beckwith) 558. H. van der Blom Cicero’s Role Models: The Political Strategy of a Newcomer. (A. R. Dyck) 281.

P. A. Butz, The Art of the Hekatompedon Inscription and the Birth of the Stoikhedon Style. (J. W. Day) 556.

S. Coelsch-Foisner and W. Görtschacher (eds.), Ovid’s Metamorphoses in English Poetry. (J. H. Gaisser) 140.

E. Csapo, Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater. (J. Hanink) 563.

G. W. Dobrov (ed.), Brill’s Companion to the Study of Greek Comedy. (E. Scharffenberger) 567.

P. Fedeli and I. Ciccarelli, Q. Horatii Flacci: Carmina Liber IV. (R. F. Thomas) 142.

T. Fischer-Hansen and B. Poulsen (eds.), From Artemis to Diana: The Goddess of Man and Beast. (I. Petrovic) 154.

K.-J. Hölkeskamp, Reconstructing the Roman Republic: An Ancient Political Culture and...


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