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From the Executive Director Attendance at the 1984 convention in El Paso approached 400 people. It was by many measures a successful meeting. Thanks are due to the University of Texas, El Paso for its support in hosting the convention. We should share our gratitude with Lois Marchino who toiled and worried prodigiously in overseeing local arrangements, and with Bob Esch, who worked hard with onsite registration. Both deserve the association's appreciation. I would also like to share a word of thanks with the section chairs for their contribution in selecting papers and keeping anxious participants within time limitations. No matter how much effort the Secretariat and local arrangements people put into planning, the success of the convention finally rests with the section chairs. This year we are attempting to provide some assistance for section chairs. The Board and I request that those of you who plan to submit papers notify the chair of the section to which you plan to submit ofyour intention by March 1, 1985. The papers themselves are still due by April 1 since we are asking section chairs to report accepted titles to the Secretariat by April 15. Advance notice would allow section chairs to anticipate feast or famine and prepare accordingly. Titles must be sent to the Secretariat by April 15 so that the Program can go to press by mid-May. You may note on the flyer you received in December that two sections, (6) Nineteenth Century American Literature and (31) Teaching: Foreign Languages , will follow an experimental format. Papers written for these sections will be reproduced by the RMMLA office and distributed to those who plan to attend the section. The section meeting will consist of a discussion of the papers rather than a reading of them. You will also note that along with the convention flyer and ballot, you received a yellow colored survey form. Indulge us. Respond. If you have concerns or suggestions, please let me know. The RMMLA Board meets again April 13, 1985, in Boise. Ted Lyon, local arrangements host for the 1985 meeting in Provo, has discussed tentative plans for some exciting activities. Room rates at the convention hotel ($40) are reasonable, so we hope you will plan to be there. Charles G. Davis ...


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