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  • William S. Brockman

We draw your attention especially to Alfonso Zapico’s fine book, Dublinés, a biography of Joyce in the form of a graphic novel. And we welcome all to the year 2012, whose loosening of copyright restrictions on our man’s work has already fostered numerous publications and attendant controversies, as documented below. Our thanks for contributions this time go to Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, Marco Camerani, Michael Cunningham, Will Goodwin, Michael Groden, K. P. S. Jochum, Bernard McGinley, and Andreas Weigel. Please send contributions to your bibliographer at W329 Pattee, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, or via e-mail to The Checklists are cumulated online in The James Joyce Checklist <>.

JJ Works

  • The Cats of Copenhagen. Dublin: Ithys Press, 2012. unpaged. [“Special edition of 200 copies, limited to 26 Lettered copies, 170 Numbered copies & 4 copies Hors Commerce.” Illustrations by Casey Sorrow, marbling and bindings by Christopher Rowlatt, printing by Michael Caine.]

  • Circe Episode of Ulysses. National Library of Ireland, 2012. <>. [“Autograph manuscript of the ‘Circe’ episode of Ulysses [Paris, July–December 1920]: the John Quinn draft manuscript.”]

  • The Dublin Ulysses Papers. Ed. Danis Rose. East Lansing: House of Breathings, 2012. 6 vols. [Transcriptions and annotations to the National Library of Ireland’s manuscripts. Contents: Volume 1, Ulysses Early Drafts; Volume 2, Ulysses Early Drafts; Volume 3, Ulysses Notebook; Volume 4, Ulysses Notebook; Volume 5, Ulysses Notebook; Volume 6, Ulysses Notebook.]

  • (James Joyce, scrivere pericolosamente: riflessioni su vita, arte, letteratura. 2011.) [Rev.: Enrico Terrinoni, Il Manifesto (16 June 2011): 11.]

  • The Joyce Papers 2002, c.1903–1928. National Library of Ireland, 2012. <>. [“Early material; drafts etc. of Ulysses; proofs etc. for Finnegans Wake.”] [End Page 319]

  • Ulisse. Trans. Enrico Terrinoni and Carlo Bigazzi. Rome: Newton Compton, 2012. 864 pp. ISBN 9788854135956. [Italian translation. [Revs.: Masolino D’Amico, “E così l’estroso Ulisse ritorna divertente,” La Stampa (14 January 2012): 5; Renzo S. Crivelli, “Ulisse colmo di ironia,” Il Sole (22 January 2012): 29; Elisabetta D’Erme, “Ulisse l’illeggibile adesso diventa un libro per tutti,” Il Piccolo (3 January 2012): 41; Fabio Francione, “Una vita ‘nuova’ per l’Ulisse de Joyce,” Il Cittadino (19 January 2012): 43; Nadia Fusini, “Com’è bello festeggiare la liberalizzazione dei capolavori di Joyce,” Il Manifesto (10 February 2012): 53; Antonio Gurrado, “Buon compleanno all’Ulisse, finalmente popolare come la voleva Joyce,” Il Foglio (1 February 2012): 2; Stefano Manferlotti, “L’Ulisse svecchiato, parola per parola,” Il Mattino (6 February 2012): 17; Giuseppe Marchetti, “Joyce, romanzo infinito,” Gazzetta di Parma (31 January 2012): 5; Fabio Pedone, “Il ritono di Ulisse nel cosmo della traduzione,” Il Manifesto (9 February 2012): 10–11.]

  • Winnegans Fake: Aus dem Spätwerk. Trans. Friedhelm Rathjen. Scheeßel: Edition ReJoyce, 2012. 304 pp. ISBN 978-3-00-037359-6. [Limited edition of 111 numbered copies. A bilingual collection of passages from Finnegans Wake (plus two non-Wake texts) translated into German.]

Secondary Sources

  • ALCANTARILLA HIDALGO, Fernando José. “Dublineses (Los Muertos): de la letra de Joyce a la visión de Huston.” Religión y cultura no. 252 (January-March 2010): 189–208. <>.

  • ALLEN, Stuart. “‘Thinking Strictly Prohibited’: Music, Language, and Thought in ‘Sirens.’” Twentieth Century Literature 53, iv (Winter 2007): 442–59.

  • ATTRIDGE, Derek. “Joyce: The Modernist Novel’s Revolution in Matter and Manner.” The Cambridge History of the English Novel. Ed. Robert L. Caserio and Clement Hawes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. 581–95. ISBN 978-0-521-19495-2.

  • AUBERT, Jacques. “Translating the Unreadable.” Through Other Eyes: The Translation of Anglophone Literature in Europe. Ed. Richard Trim and Sophie Alatorre. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2007. 3–15. ISBN 978-1-84718-325-5. [Translating and editing U.]

  • BACCOLINI, Raffaella, Delia Chiaro, Chris Rundle, and Sam Whitsitt, eds. A Joyceful of Talkatalka: From Friendshapes for Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli. Studi interdisciplinari su traduzione, lingue e culture, 15. Bologna: Bononia University Press, 2011. 400 pp. ISBN 978-88-7395-570-2. [Raffaella Baccolini, Delia Chiaro, Chris Rundle, Sam Whitsitt, “Preface,” 11–14...


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