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RMMLA Career Information Center General Information 1.The Career Information Center for the 1976 Convention in Santa Fe will be administered by Robert M. Esch for English (Department of English, University of Texas, El Paso, Texas 79968) and Wolff A. von Schmidt for all foreign languages (Department of Languages, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112). 2.A fee of $1.00 will be charged. Eligibility Current membership in RMMLA. Forms Required Each applicant will be required to fill out and submit three copies of a numbered vita sheet. Forms are available upon request from the Executive Director's office (Joel Hancock, RMMLA, 2056 Annex, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112). Once the forms have been filled out by the candidate they should be returned, together with $1.00, to the English or Foreign Language Co-ordinator (see General Information for address). Forms should be returned no later than two weeks prior to commencement of the Convention. Mechanics of Operation at the Convention There will be a file and interview room devoted entirely to the operation of the Career Information Center. 1. Files. Open only to heads of departments or their authorized representatives. They will be organized according to two criteria: a.By teaching specialty. b.In alphabetical order of candidates' names. A receptionist will be in the room at all times for assistance. 174ROCKY MOUNTAIN REVIEW 2. Interviews. Although department heads and candidates are encouraged to arrange interviews wherever and whenever they wish, suitable space will be provided for those who desire to use it. A receptionist and adviser will be at the desk in front of the door to supervise this phase of the operation. IMPORTANT: Calls for interviews will be posted, listing the number assigned to the candidate, on the board at the Career Information Center and at the RMMLA Registration Desk. Panel Discussions There will be two programs dealing with careers in English and Foreign Languages respectively. For specifics consult this program. CONVENTION ISSUE175 ...


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