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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED This listing acknowledges the receipt of recent works (except offprints of single articles) that appear to bear on the scientific study of language. The receipt of individual books cannot be separately acknowledged, and no book can be returned to the publisher. Note especially that, by accepting a book, the Editor implies no promise that it will be reviewed in this journal. Reviews are printed as circumstances permit, and copies are sent to the publishers of the books reviewed. Acta lingüistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 34:1-2 (1984). Afrika und Übersee 68:2 (1986). Algonquian and Iroquoian linguistics 10:4 (1985), 11:1 (1986). Allen, Harold B., and Michael D. Linn (eds.) Dialect and language variation. Orlando: Academic Press, 1986. Pp. ?, 616. $24.95. [Anthology of reprinted essays.] Alvarez, Carlos, and Luis Casasola. Las figurillas de Jonuta, Tabasco. (Proyecto Tierras Bajas Noroccidentales del Area Maya, 2.) México: Centro de Estudios Mayas, Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1985. Pp. 117. Álvarez, Cristina. Diccionario etnolingüístico del idioma maya yucateco colonial, II: Aprovechamiento de los recursos naturales. México: Centro de Estudios Mayas, Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1984. Pp. 377. American Indian culture and research journal (UCLA) 8:1 (1984) [1986]. Amsler, Mark (ed.) The languages of creativity: Models, problem-solving, discourse. (Studies in science and culture, 2.) Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1986. Pp. 206. $27.50. Anales de antropología 20:1-2 (México: Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, 1983 [1985]). Anisfeld, Moshe. Language development from birth to three. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1984. Pp. xii, 293. Cloth $29.95, paper $16.50. Appiah, Anthony. Assertion and conditionals. Cambridge: University Press, 1985. Pp. 265. $32.50. Archer, Robert. The pervasive image: The role of analogy in the poetry of Ausiàs March. (Purdue University monographs in Romance languages, 1 7.) Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins, 1985. Pp. xi, 220. Archiv orientální 53:3-4 (1985). Ashworth, Mary. Beyond methodology: Second language teaching and the community. Cambridge: University Press, 1985. Pp. vii, 156. Cloth $22.95. paper $9.95. Atkinson, Paul. Language, structure and reproduction: An introduction to the sociology of Basil Bernstein. London: Methuen, 1985. Pp. viii, 216. Cloth $35.00, paper $13.95. Auer, J. C. P. Bilingual conversation. (Pragmatics & beyond, 5:8.) Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins, 1984. Pp. 116. Australian journal of linguistics 5:2 (1985). Auwera, Johan van der. Language and logic: A speculative and condition-theoretic study. (Pragmatics & beyond, Companion series, 2.) Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins, 1985. Pp. xiv, 256. Azoulay-Vicente, Avigail. Les tours comportant l'expression de + adjectif. (Langues et cultures, 15.) Genève: Droz, 1985. Pp. 257. Baker, Colin. Aspects of bilingualism in Wales. (Multilingual matters, 10.) Avon, England: Multilingual Matters, 1985. Pp. xii, 209. Cloth £24.80, paper £9.90. Baltistica 21:1-2 (1985). Barrett, Martyn (ed.) Children's single-word speech. Chichester & New York: Wiley, 1985. Pp. xiii, 325. $44.95. Bartsch, Renate. Sprachnormen: Theorie und Praxis. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1985. Pp. ix, 341. DM 83.00. Bastert, Ulrike. Modalpartikel und Lexikographie: Eine exemplarische Studie zur Darstellbarkeit von doch im einsprachigen Wörterbuch. (Reihe germanistische Linguistik, 58.) Tübingen: Niemeyer , 1985. Pp. vii, 150. DM 48.00. 737 738LANGUAGE, VOLUME 62, NUMBER 3 (1986) Bennett, Bruce. Straw into gold. (CSU poetry series. 16.) Cleveland: Poetry Center. Cleveland State University, 1984. Pp. 57. Berinstein, Ava. Evidence for multiattachment in K'ekchi Mayan. New York: Garland, 1985. Pp. xvi, 312. [UCLA dissertation.] Bertrand, Denis. L'espace et Ie sens: Germinal d'Emile Zola. Paris & Amsterdam: HadèsBenjamins , 1985. Pp. 208. Bock, Philip K. The formal content of ethnography. (International Museum of Cultures, publ. 20.) Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1986. Pp. v. 78. $9.50. Boër, Stephen E., and William G. Lycan. Knowing who. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1986. Pp. xiv, 212. $22.50. Bogers, Koen; Harry van der Hülst; and Maarten Mous (eds.) The phonological representation of suprasegmentals: Studies on African languages offered to John M. Stewart on his 60th birthday. (Publications in African languages and linguistics. 4.) Dordrecht, Holland, & Cinnaminson, NJ: Foris, 1986. Pp. 379. / 74.00. Bojtár, Endre. Slavic structuralism. (Linguistic and...


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