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  • Recent Dissertations
BRENICK, ALAINA FAYE (Ph.D. 2009, University of Maryland, College Park) The Influence of Cultural Identity and Intergroup Contact on Adolescents' Evaluations of Arab-Jewish Peer Relationships Adviser: Melanie Killen
BRONSTEIN, DANIEL MOSHEH (Ph.D. 2009, Jewish Theological Seminary of America) Torah in the Trenches: The Rabbi Chaplains of World War II, 1940-1946 Adviser: Jack Wertheimer
COOPERMAN, JESSICA (Ph.D. 2010, New York University) "A Little Army Discipline Would Improve the Whole House of Israel": The Jewish Welfare Board, State Power, and the Shaping of Jewish Identity in World War I America Adviser: Hasia R. Diner
GLICKSMAN, ANDREW T. (Ph.D. 2010, Catholic University of America) Wisdom of Solomon 10: A Jewish Hellenistic Reinterpretation of Early Israelite History through Sapiential Lenses Adviser: Alexander A. Di Lella
GOULD, JILLIAN (Ph.D. 2009, Memorial University of Newfoundland) Heimish and Home-ish: Aging, Jewishness and the Creation of "Home" at a Toronto Assisted-Living Residence, the Terraces of Baycrest Adviser: Gerald Pocius
GREENBERG, STEFANIE TERI (Ph.D. 2009, University of Iowa) An Investigation of Body Image Dissatisfaction among Jewish American Females:An Application of the Tripartite Influence Model Advisers: Sam V. Cochran; Elizabeth M. Altmaier
HART, SYDNEY (Ph.D. 2009, University of California, Santa Cruz) Things from Home: Ethnic Identity and Material Culture in African American and Jewish American Homes Adviser: Marcia Millman
HUEBNER, DINA GERBER (Ed.D. 2009, Jewish Theological Seminary of America) Advocating for Excellence: The Evolution of PEJE over Its First Decade, 1997-2007 Adviser: Carol Ingall
KATZ, MEREDITH LYNN (Ed.D. 2010, Teachers College, Columbia University) Mature Love Is Complicated: Israel Education as a Microcosm of Challenges to Educators in Liberal Jewish Day Schools Adviser: Margaret Smith Crocco
KRICHIVER, TAMI (Psy.D. 2010, Pepperdine University) Positive Psychology and the Jewish Holiday Calendar: A Resource Manual for Small Groups Adviser: Shelly P. Harrell
LANEY, TRAVIS (Ph.D. 2009, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) A Partial Hardening Has Come upon Israel: Divine Hardening and Its Implications for Jewish Evangelism Adviser: Timothy K. Beougher
LANDES, DAVID J. (Ph.D. 2010, Princeton University) Traditional Struggles: Studying, Deciding, and Performing the Law at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary Adviser: Lawrence Rosen
LASKER, ZACHARY ADAM (Ed.D. 2010, University of California, Los Angeles) The Camp Counselor as Educator and Role Model for Core Jewish Values and Practice of the Conservative Movement Advisers: Linda Rose; Linda Sax
LEVI, TOMER (Ph.D. 2010, Brandeis University) The Formation of a Levantine Community: The Jews of Beirut, 1860-1939 Adviser: Avigdor Levy
MARINARI, MADDALENA (Ph.D. 2009, University of Kansas) Liberty, Restriction, and the Remaking of Italians and Eastern European Jews (1882-1965) Adviser: Jeffrey Moran
MEKEL, SONJA L. (Ph.D. 2009, University of Wisconsin, Madison) "Herren from the Tribe of Juda": The Relationship between German and German-Jewish Immigrants in Milwaukee and Chicago, 1840-1900 Adviser: Thomas J. Archdeacon
MEYER, SABINE YAEL (Ph.D. 2009, University of Southern California) Lives Remembered: Memoirs of German-Jewish Women Who Left Germany in the 1930s Adviser: Gerhard Clausing
ROSS, RENEE RUBIN (Ph.D. 2010, New York University) Parent Involvement and Community Cohesion at a Jewish, Catholic, and Independent Day School Adviser: Mitchell Stevens
RUSH, SHIRLEY (Ph.D. 2010, Walden University) The Experience of Divorce among Jewish Orthodox Women Adviser: Thomas Trocchio
THIESSEN, MATTHEW (Ph.D. 2010, Duke University) Genealogy, Circumcision, and Conversion in Early Judaism and Christianity Adviser: Joel Marcus
TOLLEY, HARRY W., JR. (Ph.D. 2009, University of Pennsylvania) Ariston of Pella: An Investigation of His Works, Name, and Toponym Adviser: Robert A. Kraft

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