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16 Maggie Jaffe Custer's Nomenclature "My voice isfor war!" The Kiowa called him Creeping Panther. White Man Runs Him gave Custer his own sacred moniker: Son Oi Morning Star. Custer's men called him Hard Ass, Iron Butt, Ringlets. For Libby, his wife, he was her Little Boy. "Shoot Libby in the head if she's captured," he ordered. "You know what they do to white women." He dubbed his Indian mistress Sunshine. But White Bull was the last to name him: "Now Long Hair lies at my feet." If not for the plot to assassinate Lincoln or his own death, Custer was scum enough to be president. A blood-red arrow would have traced his weird trajectory: West Point, Wild West, Wall Street, White House. Paul Robeson played football but woudn't play hardball with whitey. He loved beautiful women. Loved beautiful [white] women, which is illegal. He was red & Black, way too hot for the 50s. In D. C, Hollywood, Peekskill, New York, they nearly lynched him. Jaffe17 At his career's height, the FBI took away his passport. On his deathbed, he insisted the CIA tried to poison him— not in Mississippi or Alabama but at a party in "godless" Russia, for god's sake. ...


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