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69 Andrew Kaufman November Coldspell in New York City We've been preparing for this for months. There is no need for concern. Space is available for every person and family needing or seeking shelter. No one—I repeat—no one will be required to spend the night in the cold. The police have orders to bring all homeless individuals to special emergency shelters. This is standard policy for any night the temperature falls below freezing. There is no reason for anyone to spend the night over a grate, by a vent, or in the subway. If you should spot anyone asleep exposed, or in a cardboard box— notify police. With the cooperation of the public, we can avoid all fatalities. We are doing everything, and we have been doing everything, to minimize this problem. Last night we sheltered 9,600 homeless people, more people than any city—I repeat—any city—anywhere has provided for, ever. Hundreds of more beds will become available by the time the cold weather comes in for good. Thank you. ...


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