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A SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CIVIL WAR ARTICLES: 1986 Compiled by James W. Geary This bibliocraphyidentifiesarticles published in 1986 that concern some historical aspect of the middle period in American history. In selecting a particular study, a guiding criterion was whether the study would be of potential importance or immediate interest to the broadly defined audience of middle period historians and, more narrowly, to students of the Civil war era. Users of this bibliography will note that it is not as long as earlier ones published in Civil War History, as it excludes certain state and local studies that have only tangential value to the study of the middle period. Also, there has been a steady decline in the number of Civil War studies published since the late 1960s. Coupled with this trend are conditions that affect periodical literature generally. In thelast decade, thenumber of new journals in many fields has increased, along with their cost, while some older journals have experienced various changes. Whether due to decreased funding, a decline in the number of manuscripts, or other factors, some state historical quarterlies have had to reduce the frequency of their publications by combining two issues into one. Other periodicals, especially the Journal of Negro History, simply ceased publication in the early 1980s. The reappearance of Civil War History's annual bibliography should help to stimulate renewed interest in this pivotal period of American history. Bibliographical and General Works Current, Richard N. "Wisconsin's Civil War Historians." Wisconsin Magazine of History 70 (1): 21-31. Dawson, William L. "A Bibliographic Study of the Life of Neal Dow, 1804-1897." Maine Historical Society Quarterly 25 (3): 130-61. Fox, CynthiaG. "Sources in the National Archives for Genealogical Local History Research: Income Tax Records of the Civil War Years." Prologue 18 (4): 250-59. Plummer, Mark A. "The Civil War Concluded in the Papers of Ulysses S. Grant." Illinois Historical Journal79 (1): 59-62. SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY257 Simon, John Y. "Ulysses S. Grant One Hundred Years Later." Illinois Historical Journal 79 (4): 245-56. Smith, John David. "The Life and Labor of Ulrich Bonnell Phillips." Georgia Historical Quarterly 70 (2): 254-72 [review essay]. Tolbert, Marilyn. "A Bibliography of Works By Foreign Travelers in Lincoln's America 1860-1865." Lincoln Lore, no. 1766: 1-4, no. 1767: 1-3. ANTEBELLUM: Antislavery, Free Blacks, and Slavery E NCERMAN, Stanley L. "Slavery and Emancipation in Comparative Perspective: A Look at Some Recent Debates." Journal of Economic History 46 (2): 317-39. Genovese, Eugene D., and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. "The Religious Ideals of Southern Slave Society." Georgia Historical Quarterly!0 (1): 1-16. MacDougall, Donald V. "Habeas Corpus, Extradition, and a Fugitive Slave in Canada." Slavery


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