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Epigram The Donelson prisoners, exchanges inform us, (This is one of the items that is not suppressed,) Can't or won't eat the bread that they make in Chicago, For the Flower of the South hates the flour of the West! Pray, what would they have, these poor, ragged rebels? What grub is the best for secesh of their station! Give 'em rations they're used to — on corn be they fed, For don't they belong Io a Cornfederation? —Vanity Fair. Practicing Preacher A Methodist minister has invented a double-chambered shell, the inner containing powder, and the outer a composition intensely inflammatory and explosive, which, when the shell bursts, consumes everything it falls upon. It is said to be a very destructive engine, and the clerical inventor is reported to have remarked, while explaining his invention at the department at Washington: "Faith, sir, I preached hell-fire and brimstone in the abstract a long time, and now I'll give em a little of it in the concrete form." The name of the pugnacious minister is Puffer — but, as Shakespeare says: "What's in a name?" Louisville Journal, March 6 120 ...


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