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| 1017 Index©2010 The American Studies Association Index to American Quarterly Volume 62 March 2010 to December 2010 Hokulani K. Aikau, Indigeneity in the Diaspora: The Case of Native Hawaiians at Iosepa, Utah 477 Ned Blackhawk, Contradictions in Indian Art: Contemporary Native American Arts and the National Museum of the American Indian (Book Review) 387 Ryan E. Burt, “Sioux Yells” in the Dawes Era: Lakota “Indian Play,” the Wild West, and the Literatures of Luther Standing Bear 617 Tess Chakkalakal, To Make an Old Century New (Book Review) 1001 James H. Cox, Mexican Indigenismo, Choctaw Self-Determination, and Todd Downing’s Detective Novels 639 Manuel Criollo, Palestinian and Chicano Peoples Share a History of Resistance to Colonization, Racism, and Imperialism 845 Jon Davies, One Dead Queer: Live Film! Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World (Review) 951 David A. Davis, A Recipe for Food Studies (Book Review) 365 Roderick A. Ferguson, An American Studies Meant for Interruption 215 Ilene Susan Fort, Whither the Wrestlers (Review) 395 José I. Fusté, Containing Bordered Others in La Frontera and Gaza: Comparative Lessons on Racializing Discourses and State Violence 811 Kevin Gaines, Of Teachable Moments and Specters of Race 195 Molly Geidel, “Sowing Death in Our Women’s Wombs”: Modernization and Indigenous Nationalism in the 1960s Peace Corps and Jorge Sanjinés’ Yawar Mallku 763 Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Hopi Footraces and American Marathons, 1912–1930 77 Michael J. Golec, Purloined Letters and Prehistories of Graphic Design (Book Review) 343 Wendy Gonaver, You, Me, and Joe McCarthy: The Enduring Legacy of the Cold War (Book Review) 375 Katherine Grandjean, “Our Fellow-Creatures & our Fellow-Christians”: Race and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Narratives of Indian Crime 925 Kari Hensley, One Nation Behind the Wheel: Automobility in U.S. Culture (Book Review) 173 | 1018 American Quarterly Rich Heyman, Locating the Mississippi: Landscape, Nature, and National Territoriality at the Mississippi Headwaters 303 Elizabeth Horan, Whose José Martí? (Book Review) 181 Hua Hsu, Hey, What’s That Sound? (Book Review) 963 Matthew Frye Jacobson, Americanists at Work and at Play (Book Review) 335 Wen Jin, Toward a U.S.-China Comparative Critique: Indigenous Rights and National Expansion in Alex Kuo’s Panda Diaries 739 Priya Kandaswamy, “You trade in a man for the man”: Domestic Violence and the U.S. Welfare State 253 Jean J. Kim, Experimental Encounters: Filipino and Hawaiian Bodies in the U.S. Imperial Invention of Odontoclasia, 1928–1946 523 Paul Lai and Lindsey Claire Smith, Introduction 407 David Lloyd and Laura Pulido, In the Long Shadow of the Settler: On Israeli and U.S. Colonialisms 795 Bakirathi Mani, Viewing South Asia, Seeing America: Gauri Gill’s “The Americans” (Review) 135 Melani McAlister, A Virtual Muslim Is Something to Be 221 James P. McCartin, Engendering Faith: American Catholics and Gender History (Book Review) 977 Danika Medak-Saltzman, Transnational Indigenous Exchange: Rethinking Global Interactions of Indigenous Peoples at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition 591 Julia Mickenberg, The New Generation and the New Russia: Modern Childhood as Collective Fantasy 103 Jeb Aram Middlebrook, The Ballot Box and Beyond: The (Im)Possibilities of White Antiracist Organizing 233 Glen M. Mimura, A Dying West? Reimagining the Frontier in Frank Matsura’s Photography, 1903–1913 687 Jonathan Nashel, I ♥ Nixon (Book Review) 165 Tavia Nyong’o, Sex and Sociability (Book Review) 355 Randy Ontiveros, No Golden Age: Television News and the Chicano Civil Rights Movement 897 Benjamin Piekut, New Thing? Gender and Sexuality in the Jazz Composers Guild 25 JoAnna Poblete-Cross, Bridging Indigenous and Immigrant Struggles: A Case Study of American Sāmoa 501 Myisha Priest, “The Nightmare Is Not Cured”: Emmett Till and American Healing 1 | 1019 Index Laura Pulido and David Lloyd, Introduction: From La Frontera to Gaza: Chicano-Palestinian Connections 791 Benjamin Reiss, From Affect to Disorder: Pills and Personality in the Age of DSM-III (Book Review) 151 Mark Rice, His Name Was Don Francisco Muro: Reconstructing an Image of American Imperialism 49 Laura Rigal, Beyond “The Trouble with Wilderness” (Book Review) 989 Judy Rohrer, Attacking Trust: Hawai‘i as a Crossroads and Kamehameha Schools in the Crosshairs 437 Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Hopi Footraces and American Marathons, 1912–1930 77 Vanessa Saldívar, From Mexico...


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