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PROGRAM FOR SPANISH 3 Spanish 3: The Spanish Comedia. Chairman, Hannah E. Bergman, City Univ. of New York (Lehman Coll.); Secretary, Arthur M. Fox, Queen's Univ. (Ontario). Sunday, Dec. 28, 1969. 1:15-2:30 p.m. Ballroom B of the Brown Palace Hotel. I. II. Business Papers and Discussion 1. "Andrés Rey de Artieda y Los amantes de Teruel," Carmen I. de Ebersole, Chapel Hill, N. C. (20 min.) "The Dramatic Function of Cuentecillos in Some Plays by Mira de Amescua," Vern G. 2. Williamsen, Univ. of Missouri (20 min.) 3. "Calderón de la Barca and Music : Theory and Examples in the Autos (1675-1681)," Alice M. Pollin, New York Univ. (20 min.) The Annual Luncheon (in this case, Dinner ) will be held in the Tabor and Stratton Rooms of the Brown Palace at 6:30 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 28. The six dollars ($6.00) per person charge includes dinner, taxes, and service. Since space is limited, please send your reservations to Prof. Arthur M. Fox, Spanish Dept, Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ontario at your earliest convenience. EL MENTIDERO DE COMEDIANTES We are sure that Comediantes everywhere will be happy to join in this expression of appreciation to Gerald E. Wade, as well as in more personal ways. Due to our limited budget, we have had to omit from the bibliography (just this one time) the Comedia Performances and most of the reviews. For the same reason we apologize to those colleagues who expected to see their articles in this issue. Ye Ed. has received a copy of Carlos Ortigoza's Aniquilamiento del móvil honor en "Antioco y Seleuco" de Moreto respecto "El castigo sin venganza" de Lope. It is the third volume of his well-known work Los Móviles de la comedia. Printed at the author's own expense, it is a tangible indication of Professor Ortigoza's dedication to scholarship. Order it for yourselves and for your college library. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF FOREIGN PUBLICATIONS ON THE COMEDIA Compiled by Petek B. Bhll University of Toronto 1969 — 2 Miscellaneous Abaco. Estudios sobre literatura espa ñola. Nos. 1 and 2. Madrid, Castalia, 1969. Pp. 233, 272. [A new series devoted to studies in literary criticism, bibliography, documentation, etc. No fixed periodicity. The first two vols, contain 3 studies each. See Lope de Vega: Morby]. Alín, José María. El cancionero 60 ...


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