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of the Quadricentennial Year, 1962." At the meeting of the Compilers held in Chicago on December 27, 1963, it was decided to proceed immediately to publish the manuscript by Xerox process, through the University of Toronto Press. The careful typing of the manuscript is being covered by grants in aid of research from the University of Toronto and Queen's University (a total of $375) . The processing of 500 copies, of about 200 pages, with paper binding and printed cover and title page, will be financed by Compilers, who will be reimbursed from future sales. During January-March, 1964, a great deal of material has been added to "1962", and the introductory essay has been polished up by Art Fox. The typist, Mrs. T. B. Barclay, a language specialist, has worked closely with the University of Toronto Press, and is proceeding with the preparation of the copy for photography. The whole project has been greatly improved in every way, through additions, corrections and the ironing out of inconsistencies . The late spring should see the work completed. The Compilers: J. A. Castañeda, A. M. Fox, Edward Glaser, D. R. Larson , Raymond R. MacCurdy, Carlos Ortigoza, J. H. Parker, Walter Poesse, A. G. Reichenberger, Ramón Rozzell, Helen Sears, K.-L. Selig, A. S. Trueblood , R. W. Tyler, G. E. Wade. Chairman of the Quadricentennial Year: Myron A. Peyton. Submitted by J. H. Parker (Toronto) Chm., Research Committee MLA Spanish 3. Announcements Membership fees for 1964 are now due and may be sent to John W. Peters , at Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio. The Comediantes are grateful to the University of Texas for providing a subsidy generous enough to cover the cost of printing this issue of the Bulletin. •¦«¦?£»> A Current Bibliography of Foreign Publications Dealing with the Comedia Compiled by Warren T. McCready University of Toronto Robert R. Bishop Lafayette College 1964—1 Miscellaneous Abirached, Robert. "Le théâtre dans la cité: Aristophane, Calderón, Behan." Études, CCCXIII (1962) , 99103 . Ayaìa, Francisco. "Sobre el punto de honor castellano." Revista de Occidente , 2a ser., I, no. 5 (Aug.), pp. 151-74. [In works of Cervantes, Lope, Tirso, Calderón, etc.]. Criado del Val, Manuel. Teatro medieval. (Temas de España) . Madrid , Taurus, 1963. Pp. 211. Donovan, R. B. The Liturgical Drama in Medieval Spain. Toronto, 1958. Rev: Frida Weber de Kurlat, NRFH, XVI (1962) , 105-07. Flecniakoska, J. L. La formation de l'auto religieux en Espagne avant Calderón (1550-1635). Montepellier, Paul Déhan, 1961. Pp. 531. Rev: Edmond Cros, BHi, LXIV, 285-87. Flint, Weston. "Colón en el teatro español." Estudios americanos, CXI (Nov.-Dec, 1961), 165-86. Froldi, Rinaldo. Il teatro Valenzano e l'origine della commedia barocca. (Istituto di Letteratura Spagnola e Ispano-americana dell' Università di Pisa). Pisa, Ed. Tecnico Scientifica, 1962. Rev: E. Julia Martinez, Rev. de Literatura, XXI (1962), nos. 41-42, pp. 181-83. 20 Gallego Morel!, Antonio. El poeta Garcilaso de la Vega en el teatro español. Granada, Universidad de Granada; C.S.I.C, 1963. Pp. xxiv-304. Lisboa, José Carlos (ed.). Urna peca desconhecida sobre os holandeses na Bahia. Rio de Janeiro, Instituto Nacional do Livro, 1961. [La pérdida y restauración de la Bahía de Todos los Santos; Spanish text with a trans, into Portuguese]. [Monteverdi, Angelo]. Studi in onore di Angelo Monteverdi. Modena, Soc. Tip. Editrice Modenese, 1959. 2 vols. Pp. 924. Rev: Antonio Alatorre, Margit Frenk Alatorre, and M. Lope Blanch, JVRFH, XVI (1962), 132-34. [See Lope de Vega, Guerrieri]. Navarro González, Alberto. El mar en la literatura española. Tenerife, Univ. de La Laguna, 1962. Pp. 500. Oostendorp, H. Th. El conflicto entre el honor y el amor en la literatura española hasta el siglo XVII. La Haya, Instituto de Estudios Hisp ánicos, Portugueses e Hispanoamericanos de la Universidad de Utrecht, 1962. Pp. 215. Pardo Canalís, Enrique (ed.). "Ruiz de Alarcón—Rojas Zorrilla—Moreto." Rev. de ideas estéticas, XXI, 259-85. [A selection of texts, "de carácter estético"]. Sánchez Escribano, Federico. "Graci án ante la comedia española del siglo XVII." Rev. de Literatura, XIX (1961), 113-15. Shergold, N...


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