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MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE OF ELIZABETH HADDON 71 MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE OF JOHN ESTAUGH AND ELIZABETH HADDON, 1702. [The following is an exact copy of the original now in possession of Sarah Nicholson of Haddonfield, New Jersey, made by Samuel N. Rhoads, Fourth Month 29th, 1909.] "Know all men by These p-rsents that Whereas John Estaugh and ___ Elizabeth Haddon: of the Province West New Jarsey and County of Gloucesster: both Single Persons, the said Elizabeth being Doughter of John Haddon of London In the Kingdom of England, haveing Several times Declared their Intentions of takeing each other in Maryage to Husband and Wife, at the monthly meeteings of Newton to which the belonge according to truthes order, and the Said meeteings having received Satisfaction Concerneing their clearnesse both by due and orderly Enquire made here and aliso by Certificates from Friends in England : as aliso the consent of their Parents being hadd, So that the Sd meeteings have given their free Assent & concerrence therewith and thereunto &c— Thesse therefore may Certifye that upon the first day of the Tenth month in the Yeare One Thousand Seven hundred and two att A Publickue meeteing att the house of the Said Elizabeth Haddon Apoynted and held on Purpose for the full accompleishing and Sollemnizeing of the said maryage they the said John and Elizabeth openly and sollemly in the presence of the Said meeteing did take Each other in maryage to Husband and Wife, the said John Sollemnely promising in thesse Woords, Viz, Friends and Neighbours in the Presence of God and you his people Whome I desire to be my Witnessses I Take this my Freind Elizabeth Haddon to be my Wife—promiseing through the Lords Assistance to be unto her A Loveing husband till ye Lord by death Shall seperate us and the Sd Elizabeth declareing as Followeth Friends in fear of the Lord and before you his people whome I desire to be my witnesses I take this my Freind John Estauge to my husband promiseing through ye Lords Asistance to be unto 72 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL SOCIETY him A faithfull and Loveing wife until the Lord by death shall Separate us. .,...... In Testimony whereof the Said John & Elizabeth have hereunto Sett their hands ye daye & yeare above said. John Estaugh. EHz Haddon. And Wee Whose Names are Under written being present at the accomplishing of ye Said Maryage do Subscribe or names as witnesses thereunto. David Breintnall Henry Ballinger Francis Richardson James Cooper Joseph Cooper Sam. Carpenter Francis Collins John Jones Wiliam Cooper ? Wm. Furnis (or Purvis?) John Wills (or Willis?) Elizabeth Key Elizabeth Adams Esther Spicer Ann Thackery Lydia Cooper Mary Heans Eliz. Evens Sarah Ellis Mary Hanbury Sibilla Masters Elizabeth Morris Hope Wills Martha Spicer Abigaill Spicer James Estaugh Sam" Jenings John Adams Antho : : Morris Richard Gove? Peter Frettwell William Evans North Puckle John Wright Richard Hunness ...


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